4 Inspiring Environmental Orgs to Love and Support

In celebration of Earth Month, we’re spotlighting extraordinary conservationists, environmentalists, and activists who use Adobe Spark to inspire, educate, and activate. Read on to learn about cool causes and share the graphics below to show these four worthy organizations your support!

Ice Warrior Challenges Turn Citizens into Explorers and Scientists


Extreme adventurer Jim McNeill is training everyday people to be citizen scientists in Earth’s most extreme conditions. His ground breaking #IceWarriorChallenge expedition will take a team of modern-day explorers to the #lastpole in an effort to measure climate change.


Read more about what it takes to become an Ice Warrior!

Oceans Champions Gives Oceans a Political Voice


This non-partisan political action team strives to give oceans a seat at the table by helping elect people to Congress with pro-ocean policies. In the last decade, they’ve endorsed over 100 candidates and most recently we can thank them for expanding the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, which is the the largest marine protected area in the world measuring almost 600,000 square miles. Late last year the organization succeeded in designating the first marine national monument in the Atlantic Ocean, protecting fragile deep-sea ecosystems off the coast of New England. In between elections, they focus on educating the public on what its important to #VoteTheOcean through visual web stories and live events aimed at empowering the public.


The group uses Adobe Spark for visual invitations, such as to its State of the Ocean Address this year, as well as reports to supporters, donors and board members. Here’s what the Director of Strategic Programs and Operations Chris Laughlin had to say about their webpage made with Adobe Spark :

Adobe Spark allowed us to blend text and images on our webpage to tell a story about our event which immediately drew great response from people about how fun it was to scroll through all the info without being overwhelming. It also allowed us to make updates without sending a new jpeg or pdf.

@UglyFruitandVeg Fights Food Waste with Funny

As much as 40% of nutritious, edible produce goes to waste because it’s aesthetically imperfect. Oakland-based EndFoodWaste.org strives to expand beauty standards in grocery stores by highlighting ugly produce on social media—often to hilarious results—and encouraging shoppers to #demandugly from their grocery stores. Founder Jordan Figueiredo started the social media channels @uglyfruitandveg a couple years ago, showing “ugly” would-be wasted produce in order to combat the problem on a consumer level. He believes the lowest hanging fruit (and veg) in the fight against food waste is shoring up the edible produce that’s wasted because it doesn’t meet largely arbitrary and strict aesthetic standards. Join the movement by showing your support for the “ugly carrot.” We’ve created these graphics to get you started!




@WillCoForests Connects People with Nature


The Forest Preserve District of Will County may be nearly 100 years old, but its social media content is always fresh! As a former journalist and graphic designer, the Director of Creative services Chad Merda understands the power of rich, beautiful content in influencing action from readers and followers. Beautiful web stories on everything from local spring wildflowers to the curious mating rituals of whooping cranes  and engaging social media posts inspire Will County residents to #reconnectwithnature.


Learn more about how @WillCoForests gets people into parks!

Want to show your support for these organizations and causes? Tap the graphics above to share in celebration of Earth Day. Or get your own cause near and dear to your heart off the ground with Adobe Spark! Tag #adobespark for a chance to be featured here and on social.