5 Ways to Use SEO Effectively in Social Media

SEO for Social Media

Most business owners and managers now know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of any website. Used to improve rankings on major search engines and help potential clients and customers find your website, SEO can also be implemented on social media platforms to great effect.

Think of it as using another type of lure to catch more fish — SEO combined with rich social content can give you a distinctive edge over your competitors when utilized properly. Below are five ways you can use it to improve Internet visibility and attract more consumers to your website.

1. Profile Pages

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all allow you to customize a profile page that provides details about your company. This page is a prime opportunity to use SEO. Using prime keywords and key phrases makes it easy for others to find you using relevant search terms. SEO on your Facebook page also helps it rank on major search engines.

2. Facebook Posts

Individual Facebook posts are also indexed by search engines (provided your page is public). Posting about your products or services, or relevant industry-related information, is a great way to utilize additional keywords and key phrases.

Consumers might not necessarily be searching for your particular company, but if they search for keywords related to a product or service you talk about, your post may come up in the search results.

3. Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags can be used in blog posts, Facebook posts and, of course, tweets. While you wouldn’t ordinarily think of a hashtag as SEO, it works pretty much the same — helping those interested in what you are talking about find your posts as well as share them with others.

When you place links to your website or landing page on any social media platform, try to use SEO. For example, don’t just create a link labeled “my website.” Use your company name if it is keyword-rich, such as “Tom’s Bait and Tackle Supply,” or use keywords such as “discount beauty supply.” Outbound links also help improve your website’s rank.

5. Pinterest

Not many businesses currently use Pinterest, but those that do have realized that the platform offers great advantages for marketing. Searchable, shareable, and indexed by Google and other major search engines, Pinterest posts yet are another opportunity to use keywords and provide keyword-rich links back to landing pages on your website.

Of course, there are many other ways to use SEO on various social media platforms, but the above suggestions are a fantastic start to improving any social media campaign.