6 To-Dye-For Spring Color Combos

Punxsutawney Phil was right–spring has arrived! Flowers and trees are once again in fragrant bloom just in time to spark creativity with colorful marketing and social media posts. Do your favorite seasonal traditions include blossoms, blue skies, or spending time outdoors? Adobe Spark’s fun new spring-inspired templates are just the ticket to get your feed looking fresh as a daisy. Friends and customers alike will admire any of these playful palettes. Remix any of the designs below to make them your own. Don’t forget to tag us with #adobespark for a chance to be featured.

Spring Palettes and Templates

Easter Egg Dance Party


Vibrant plum, gold, and pink lemonade hues are a fresh, moody take on spring’s traditional pastels. The plum hue makes for a great alternative to black for text or backgrounds, while the muted pinks and gold recall retro vibes, as showcased in the templates below.
Hex codes: Plum #442134, Pink Lemonade #EA8C94, Soft Blush #F9DED7, Gold #EEC074




First Day At The Lake


The first outdoor outing in spring is always a great time for making memories. This palette is reminiscent of cornflower blue skies, tea green, and fresh watermelon. Pops of cantaloupe orange kicks it up an extra notch, ideally suited for an invitation or announcement.
Hex Codes: Cornflower Blue #4C68EA, Tea Green #B6F2B3, Fresh Watermelon, #FD7DD2, Navy, #343D4B, Cantaloupe #FFA88D.

Wake Me Up When Summer’s Here


One of the best things about spring is that summer is just around the corner. This funky combo of marigold, mint, lavender, punch, and sangria stir up warmer weather vibes. Hex codes: Maroon #512732, Orange #FF9A1F, Green #A8EEBD, Red, #F96464, Pink #E2C5E6




Buds & Blossoms


We all need a reminder to stop and smell the roses! Whimsical peony amidst a mint background offers pops of color with forrest green, lime, and apricot. This palette evokes pretty plants at their most vibrant time of year and mixes traditional pastels with neon and earth tones. Hex codes: Pink peony #D19DB9, Orange Sherbet #FDB657, Forrest Green #19604C, Mint #CBE8E3, Lime Green #DAEF70




Morning After Daylight Savings

What could be better than the perfect post-daylight savings sunrise with soft swirls of rose, thistle, and electric blue? Warm earth tones mingle with cooler Easter egg colors, paving the way for designs with a ton of depth and intrigue. Use the earth tones to lend your design contrast for readability. Hex Codes: Limoncello #FDFAD1, Thistle, #CEC4DB, Electric Blue #00E2DC, Green #747730, Rust #CE8267.




Cherry Blossoms & Blue Skies


People travel long distances just to see the famous and stunning cherry blossoms this time of year. If you’re lucky enough to see them, you can only hope that you have a stunning bright blue sky as a backdrop. This sweet palette brings to mind impactful and bright juicy pineapple, azure blue, and magenta. Hex codes: Latte #CDADB6, Pineapple #E5E53D, Azure #4C67EA, Baby Blue #CEEAF0, Magenta #980B60




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