A+ Reports: How Students Stand Out with Adobe Spark

We’ve come a long way from poster-board collages and oral book reports. Today, students of all ages are redefining what school assignments can be using creative tools such as Adobe Spark to showcase their work. Along the way they’re honing essential skills of visual storytelling and digital production, and, perhaps most importantly, they are having fun! Check out some of our favorite student projects that make the grade.

“What Matters to Me” Project

Shared by a Chicago teacher, this video made with Adobe Spark is one of series made by students exploring issues that matter to them. Taking a systemic look at poverty in Appalachia, it connects the dots between low-quality education, unemployment, and the coal-mining industry’s stronghold on the local economy, and even offers long and short-term governmental solutions.

High-Drama Book Trailer

Pairing lively narration with funny visuals, this slideshow trailer on The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies makes the book report fun for both creator and audience.

Commercial for a Greek God

This high-school student took studying the Greek gods to the next level (with some narration help from Dad) by making a commercial for the imagined blacksmith shop of Hephaestus, the god of fire and metalworking. Act now to get your spot in one of three classes offered by this divine artisan–registration only 50 drachmas!

Data Snapshot of a Health Hazard

A team of undergraduate, graduate, medical students, and faculty collaborated on this ambitious research project through Duke University exploring how open-fire cooking in a village in Madagascar affects the health of its residents and impacts the environment.

School Newspaper

Adobe Spark Page


Three intrepid fourth-graders in Illinois started an online newspaper called Husky News replete with a video recap of their “kindness” challenge, jokes, and a quote of the month. Here’s hoping it takes off!

Learning Similes Through Music

This inventive teacher put her third-graders’ drawings to music to illustrate (literally) the concept of simile. The finished product was surely exciting for the kiddos to see!

Photo Geography Report

This sixth-grade geography report on the Colorado River brings the history and landscape to life with big, beautiful photos in a scrolling format.

Exploring Perceptions of Creativity

Adobe Spark Page


This project from Clemson University examines how students on that campus feel and think about creativity. Is it a burden, is it intimidating, are people motivated or alienated by it? The project’s leaders held focus groups to gather responses and turned some of those responses into visually compelling quotes made with Adobe Spark, and then integrated them into this nice scrolling presentation.

Got a report due? Get it done in a snap with Adobe Spark’s free online slideshow maker—and impress along the way!

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash