Easy access to Adobe Spark with Clever

Teachers and students can now access Adobe Spark directly from their Clever portals. This exciting integration allows students to start using Adobe Spark to create visual stories, social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes. Students no longer need to remember a separate username and password for Adobe Spark. They can simply log in to their Clever portals and click the Adobe Spark tile. Using Single Sign-On, they can access this engaging creativity tool instantly without having to log in again.

Clever is a digital platform for K–12 schools that enables easy, secure access to digital learning resources. Its Single Sign-On feature and portal create a one-stop shop for teachers and students to use the tools they need most. When districts add Adobe Spark to their Clever portals, they make the portal even more valuable for teachers and students. Plus, they get the added value of Adobe Spark, which they can use in all subjects to communicate visually. Some ways to use Spark in the classroom include creating infographics for history classes, video book reports for language arts classes, and web pages for science classes, to name a few.

“Giving students easy access to Adobe Spark will allow them the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity right from the Clever Portal,” says Trish Sparks, Vice President of Customer Success at Clever. “As most students are starting their days with Clever, it gives creativity a place in their learning.”

Sparks’ enthusiasm for the partnership is echoed by Mala Sharma, Adobe’s Vice President and General Manager, Creative Cloud Product Marketing, Community & Digital Media Education. She shared: “We are thrilled to partner with Clever to make it easy for students to use Adobe Spark. Now, students can create graphics, pages, and videos without the headache of multiple logins and passwords. By teaming up with Clever, we are bringing Adobe Spark –an engaging communication tool — to the centralized place where students start their days — and we’re giving students more opportunities to express their creativity and build their digital storytelling skills.”

For directions on how to add Adobe Spark Single Sign-On to your Clever district portal, click here. You can also watch this short video for directions. Check out Clever’s blog post about the partnership, too. And to read more about additional ways to integrate Adobe Spark with your favorite EdTech and education productivity tools, check out our blog post.


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