Top 10 things educators and students need to know about the new Adobe Express for Education

With the back-to-school season just around the corner, educators are prepping their classrooms and refreshing their lesson plans. They’re also studying up on the latest features their edtech solutions have to offer.

Adobe Express is an essential creativity solution for education, with 50 million education users worldwide. It’s available for free to all K-12 schools and is automatically entitled as part of every Adobe Creative Cloud plan. And now, Adobe has totally reimagined the experience of using Adobe Express on desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks.

Check out the following 10 facts about the totally reimagined Adobe Express, which empowers educators and students to quickly and easily make anything they can dream up.

1. Adobe Express offers everything educators and students have always loved about Adobe Express and so much more.

Just like before, Adobe Express enables students to create beautiful content across a variety of media. But now, rather than jumping between individual Adobe Post, Page, and Video apps, they can do everything in the new all-in-one editor. Plus, they’ll discover powerful new features like rich text editing, generative AI, easy video and animation features, and more.

2. The new multimedia editor empowers students to stretch their creativity.

Educators and students have told us they love Adobe Express for giving them so many different ways to create videos, web pages, graphics, and more. Now, with the new multimedia editor, we’ve made going between and combining multimedia projects super simple. Students can turn a poster into a video with a single click, design visually appealing text using simple prompts, or animate a puppet character using just their voice. All they need is an idea, and the new Adobe Express helps them show their thinking in ways that were never before possible.

3. Onboarding tutorials and learning templates get educators and students up to speed in minutes.

If educators aren’t sure where to begin or how to use Adobe Express to support their lesson plans, they’ll find built-in tutorials to help them and their students learn their way around the editing workspace and make the most of all the creative options. Plus, they’ll find thousands of educational templates — for posters, videos, worksheets, graphic organizers, and more — for every subject and grade level. The all-new Educator Resources tab for K–12 educators makes it easy to find starter content like lesson plans, creative challenges, templates, and more for using Adobe Express in the classroom.

4. Generative AI helps students grow their creative confidence.

Features powered by generative AI remove barriers between students’ creative visions and the blank page. These features also increase the speed of work and discovery, helping students quickly bring their ideas to life in posters, web pages, video essays, and more.

With new generative AI text effects, students can simply describe the graphical styles and textures they want to see and let Adobe Express do the work of creating them. For example, students can write text prompts to design letters from macaw feathers, lava flows, or igneous rock. And, with the text-to-image feature, students can write detailed descriptions to generate amazing images that support their creative writing projects, science reports, history presentations, and more. Generative AI will immediately be available in Adobe Express for higher education institutions and students over 18 who sign up for an educational student account. In just a few weeks, generative AI features will also become available in the K–12 version of Adobe Express. Once this functionality is available for K–12, to ensure that admins are in the driver’s seat, Adobe will provide a toggle in the Adobe Admin Console to disable generative AI features.

5. Making videos is easier than ever.

Students can simply drag and drop to create polished videos. Starting from video templates, they can type in text and swap in graphics and clips to craft their stories. They can trim, resize, crop, and merge videos in seconds, and choose color themes that best match their projects. Plus, they can enhance their video projects with free video and audio clips from Adobe Stock. They’ll find a huge library to choose from as well as a set that’s been curated for K–12.

6. The Animate from audio feature gets students excited about learning.

With Animate from audio, students can animate a puppet character by simply speaking into their laptop microphone. This fun and groundbreaking feature instantly engages students, especially those who need motivation or who struggle with writing or presenting. It also allows educators to mix up their normal routines, getting students fired up about their lessons and how they can demonstrate their learning.

7. Adobe Express supports real-time collaboration and quick feedback.

Now, multiple students can collaborate on the same project at the same time to get things done faster and build their teamwork skills. Educators can see each student’s progress and provide feedback inside the app to encourage them to continue growing and building their skills.

8. Edit PDFs in Adobe Express in just one click

As educators prep for back-to-school, they’re likely editing dozens of documents and PDFs for the new year. Great news — new Adobe Express PDF features will make life even easier! Documents saved in PDF format offer high-fidelity to their original versions while making it hard for people to make unwanted changes. Adobe Express now offers a number of Quick Actions that let educators and students quickly convert image files and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF — and vice versa. They can also open and edit PDFs right inside Adobe Express.

9. Adobe Express works with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

For schools that have Creative Cloud licenses, educators and students can access their linked Photoshop and Illustrator files right inside Adobe Express. This interoperability means that changes sync across the apps so educators and students always have quick access to the latest versions of their work.

10. It’s now easier to access and log in to Adobe Express from Chromebooks.

As we announced last month, thanks to our new integration partnership with Google and the launch of their new app licensing, Adobe Express for Education app is now available to every US K–12 student with a Chromebook.

K–12 IT admins can set up and log in to Adobe Express using standard Google tools. They can also pin Adobe Express in the Chromebook shelf to enable easy access for all educators and students in their schools and districts. Learn more

If administrators have completed the federated ID setup in the Adobe Admin Console and assigned Adobe Express to all users, they can now add the following URL format to different launch surfaces:

They can simply replace with one of the school’s claimed domains.

We can’t wait for K–12 educators and students to dive in and explore what they can do with the new Adobe Express!

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