Adobe and Google are bringing K–12 students and teachers the best in creativity and productivity



The Adobe for Education team is excited to be taking part in the ISTELive 23 conference, where we’re collaborating with educators from around the world and exploring new ways to make teaching and learning better with the power of our technology.

Adobe helps teachers drive engagement across all subjects, and empower students to develop the creative skills needed for today, and the future. With the latest version of Adobe Express, available for free to all K-12 schools, we’re making creativity even more fun and easy for everyone.

Google for Education and Adobe are building on their partnership to give K–12 students the best in creativity and productivity, coming together to make the new and improved Adobe Express for Education experience seamlessly accessible on Chromebooks across the US.

Adobe and Google for Education bring new creative possibilities to every Chromebook.

Google technology has become essential in K–12 education, with millions of students and teachers using Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks in classrooms globally.

To make it easier for schools to purchase, provision, and manage Chromebook apps, Google recently announced a new app licensing integration. With app licensing, K–12 IT admins can set up licenses directly from select app developers and then distribute them via the school directory in Google admin console.

Adobe is one of the first software developers to partner with Google on app licensing, as we saw the opportunity to make Adobe Express for Education app available to every US K–12 student with a Chromebook.

Now, K-12 IT admins can set up and log in to Adobe Express using standard Google tools, and they can pin Adobe Express in the Chromebook shelf for easy access for all teachers and students in their schools and districts.

“We're incredibly excited to be working alongside Adobe to enhance the K–12 student and teacher experience by making Adobe Express for Education seamlessly accessible on Chromebooks across the US. Creativity in the classroom is essential for learning and through this integration, we’re empowering students to develop creative skills needed for today and the future.” - John Maletis, VP of ChromeOS, Product, UX, and Engineering

Even better, students can effortlessly create engaging multimedia class projects that combine videos, posters, web pages, animations, and more — right on their Chromebook.

Plus, teachers can assign, share, and grade Adobe Express projects right in Google Classroom with the Adobe Google Classroom add-on.

The reimagined Adobe Express fosters creativity, engagement, and career-relevant skills.

Not only is the latest version of Adobe Express for Education more easily accessible on Chromebooks, but it also makes creativity more fun and engaging for students while helping them build key skills for future success.

The new beta version of Adobe Express is an all-in-one content creation app that makes it fast, easy and fun, to design and share standout content, helping learners of all levels turn everyday class projects into expressive multimedia creations.

Key new features include:

We’re excited to see how K–12 teachers will use Adobe Express to engage students in their lessons, empower them to direct their own exploration and learning, and help them build the persuasive communication skills they need to be ready for the future.

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