DIY graduation invitation ideas and key steps to make your grad party a success.

At Adobe, we have tons of customizable graduation invitation templates you can adapt for your own use. But why send out graduation cards and invitations in the first place? In my family, we send invitations for almost everything. I love the way sending a virtual or snail mail invitation asks guests to RSVP. Then, I know who is coming to a birthday party or grad party. Also, graduation ceremony announcements inform those you love about an accomplishment you or a loved one has achieved. Give guests at least two to three weeks notice of your event so that they can make adequate plans to attend. You’d be surprised at how many people want to celebrate you or your loved one and will be impressed with your custom graduation ceremony invitation or grad party open house invitation.

5 steps to designing graduation announcement cards and grad party invites

Making a graduation party invitation is easy! Just follow these three easy steps and choose from free graduation invitation templates to customize right away!

1. Outline the graduation ceremony or grad party details

It sounds obvious, but remember to put all the event details on your invitation. You can follow this formula by answering the 5 W’s.

Who is graduating?

What are they graduating from?

When is the celebration? What time are you starting and what time will it end?

Where should everyone meet? (Be sure to provide directions or a map if needed.)

What should people bring? (Remember to let your guests know if they should bring a present or gift.)

2. Include a short graduation message

If you are a parent, teacher, or a loved one, write something short and sweet to excite and congratulate the student or students. If you have space, add a personal touch to the graduation announcement. For example: “This year, I watched all the students in my class develop their presentation and public speaking skills. Now they are all off to college where they will be impressing others with those newfound skills! Come celebrate your student with us next Friday afternoon!”

3. Pick great images, fonts, colors and pictures to make your graduation party invitation standout

Remember to add visuals, your favorite photos, cool fonts, school colors, and much more to your graduation announcement. Images that work great on graduation cards are school mascots or graduation-related graphics like grad caps, tassels, and confetti.

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