5 Ideas to make spirit week memorable at your school

What is spirit week and why is it important?

A typical spirit week occurs in the fall months and is designed to bring a spark of joy and creativity to any school campus. Typically — in an on-campus or virtual spirit week — teachers and students dress up according to daily themes and then celebrate those themes in and outside the classroom. Spirit weeks improve student morale, and they can be used as fundraisers or double as parents’ days.

To ensure maximum participation, it’s important to get the word out about spirit weeks by creating flyers to hand out to students and put up in hallways and classrooms. Read on to get five great ideas for a virtual or in-person spirit week that boosts school spirit any time of year.

Explore five spirit week themes to make your high school spirit week fun

1. Decade day

Ever wanted to put on a disco outfit but didn’t have a '70s spot to go to? The wait is over. Consider having a spirit week that focuses on different decades. Teachers and students can dress up like people in the 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s, or ‘80s and beyond. It will be lots of fun to see students dancing in the hallways in bell-bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts, but you can also incorporate learning activities that focus on key historical figures and events from those times.

2. Neon day

Love bright colors? Celebrate spirit week by encouraging students, teachers, and staff to light up the hallways in neon pinks, oranges, yellows, and more.

3. Tourist day

Think cheesy shirts, fanny packs, and visors. Everyone will have fun pretending to be tourists on the school campus for a day. Not only can students and teachers dress up, but they can also engage in learning activities that involve exploring the campus as if it were a different country or city. What observations can be made about settings, objects, foods, sights, and sounds that students may never have noticed otherwise?

4. Versus day

Everyone loves a good rivalry in a classic novel or movie series, or even between schools. Consider pairing classes or students and having them dress up as classic rivals — like Marvel versus DC Comics, or Gryffindor versus Slytherin. There are so many ways to showcase what students have in common while they engage in friendly competition.

5. Hero spirit day

Have each student dress up as their own personal hero, whether that’s a family member, a service person, a sports legend, or a character from a favorite book or movie. What I love most about hero-themed spirit days is that students and teachers learn so much about one another. It‘s wonderful to see everyone celebrating people they love and admire.

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