The Power of Adobe and Microsoft Combined

Adobe Spark and Creative Cloud Deliver New Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams Integrations for Schools

On the Adobe Education team, we’re always looking for new ways to help schools and teachers unleash their students’ creativity and bring digital literacy skills into every classroom. Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams are popular tools that students and teachers use to collaborate and work more productively, so we’re happy to announce that these tools now integrate with our key creative offerings — Adobe Spark and Creative Cloud.

Embedding Adobe Spark posts, pages, and videos into OneNote

OneNote offers a personal digital workspace where students and teachers can organize notes and projects, create to-do lists, sketch and write by hand, edit documents with others in real time, and more. And now, students can embed Adobe Spark posts, pages, and videos — including graphics, infographics, posters, video essays, narrated presentations, and digital compilations of their schoolwork — right inside their OneNote notebooks to share with teachers or fellow students.

Teachers can also embed Adobe Spark graphics as well as videos of lessons, lectures, and instructions into OneNote and share them with students. This new integration makes it quick and easy to share projects and information — and keep everyone in class on the same page.

Note: Webpages created using Adobe Spark is supported on OneNote 2016, OneNote Mac and iPad, and OneNote Windows 10. Broader support to come soon.

Sharing Adobe Spark projects directly to Teams

Students and teachers use Adobe Spark to create graphics, web pages, and videos for class projects across all subjects. Now, once an Adobe Spark project is complete, the creator can share it directly from Adobe Spark to a Teams classroom.  This works for educators and students in districts with the traditional publish flow turned on or off. Teachers or fellow students can access the creation immediately in Teams — no more email delays or download issues.

“By creating these points of integration, Adobe and Microsoft are streamlining day-to-day workflows for teachers and students and making it easier for them to work together,” says Mala Sharma, Vice President and General Manager of the Creative Cloud Business, Marketing and Community, for Adobe. “We’re removing technical barriers to help everyone stay laser-focused on creativity and learning—especially at a time when online learning has become so prevalent.”

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