Teachers and Students: Post and View Adobe Spark Videos Inside Flipgrid

Educators and students around the world love Flipgrid, a fun learning app that makes it easy for them to share their ideas, stories, and work. In a typical scenario, teachers use the app to create grids — virtual meeting places for their classes where students can respond to topics, ask questions about assignments, and show off their learning via personalized video messages.

Enriching learning by embedding Adobe Spark videos

In the past, teachers could add static thumbnails of videos made with Adobe Spark to the Flipgrid Focus Area, but viewers would need to leave the app to watch the videos. Now, teachers can play full videos made with Adobe Spark right inside the Focus area.

Not only does this integration save steps and time, it also helps Flipgrid users stay focused on the topic at hand,” says Aubrey Cattell, VP, Adobe Spark & Creative Cloud for Education. “For example, students can read an assignment description and play the accompanying video made with Adobe Spark from their teacher, all within the Flipgrid experience. Meanwhile, teachers can use Adobe Spark to describe their requirements in more detail, show examples to help students visualize ideal outcomes, and inspire them with different ways to get started.”

Empowering students with creative and digital skills

With its easy-to-use tools for creating beautifully designed posters, presentations, online essays, video book reports, and more, Adobe Spark helps K-12 students build their digital literacy and develop essential soft skills like creativity, creative problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Teachers can also use Adobe Spark to create engaging learning materials, example projects, templates, and more. The app is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, and it’s also available for free to education customers.

“The Flipgrid integration is just one of the ways we’re making it easier for schools to bring Adobe-powered creativity and digital literacy to the classroom, right inside the apps teachers and students know and love,” says Aubrey Cattell.

Adobe recently integrated Adobe Spark and Creative Cloud with Canvas LMS and we have more integrations coming soon, so keep checking our blog for updates.