Type new images into existence by using Firefly as an AI art generator.

Sometimes you need a specific image you can’t find through conventional means, like a watercolor-style urban landscape. Create any kind of art quickly with help from Text to Image in Adobe Firefly.

Generate AI art

AI generated art of watercolor style urban landscape


Unleash your creativity with AI art generation.

Get inspired, save time, and generate any kind of AI art in a variety of styles with Adobe Firefly.
ai generated art of oil painting with vibrant colors and geometric shapes
ai art of the castle on the rolling sand
AI art of colorful origami flower with soft focus lens

Spark your creativity with AI-generated art.

Get inspired, save time, and make any kind of AI art image in a variety of styles with Adobe Firefly's text to art generator.
ai art of empty warehouse with a cloud of colorful smoke

Get the images you need fast.

AI art makers work fast. If you need an image quickly, you can make that happen with Firefly. If you need background assets for a bigger project or a quick illustration, generative AI can lend a hand. Wherever your imagination takes you, Firefly will help you test your art ideas faster.

Create amazing AI art no matter your experience level.

AI art generators let anyone who can enter text make original images. No matter your skill level with sketching, painting, or drawing, you can type a prompt to create an AI-generated image.

AI art of origami bird in the bush full of flowers
watercolor ai art of a girl in a rain jacket

Experiment with new forms and ideas.

Making different kinds of images quickly can be a good way to get out of your creative comfort zone. With text to art generators, you can play around with looks and styles you don’t normally work with and get inspired to branch out into new ways to create.

How to generate AI art with Firefly.

  • Sign up or log in to Adobe Firefly.
    To get started, log in to Firefly with your Adobe account, or sign up for an Adobe account if you don’t have one. Signing up for a free account takes only a moment and will also give you access to other apps, like Adobe Express.
  • Browse examples and see what you can do.
    When you log into Firefly, you’ll see a variety of example images. If you hover over them, you’ll also see the prompts other users typed to create them. Take a moment to browse the examples and click on the prompts. When you do, you’ll see four different AI-generated images created by that prompt. After you get a sense of how prompts are worded and what they can do, input your own.
  • Input your desired text or description to make your first piece of AI-generated art.
    You can put all kinds of things in your text prompt. Try describing not just what you want to see, but how you want it to look. You can also specify style or medium for your image. If you type “portrait of an old man that looks like a black-and-white photo,” for example, Firefly will generate exactly that.
  • Customize the generated art by adjusting the settings.
    Once you have your AI-generated art, you can change its appearance by applying different styles and effects. Firefly also features a variety of other tools and menus where you can customize color, lighting, and aspect ratio for your AI-generated art. And, you can always tweak your text prompt and get some new images.
  • Save, export, and share your AI generated artwork.
    Once you have your image, you can save it or copy it to your clipboard. Or submit it to the Firefly gallery for other users to admire and appreciate. Keep in mind that each piece of AI-generated art will also include a small note that it was created using Firefly. (When you use Firefly, you get access to a set number of generative credits. Find out more about generative credits.)

Discover even more features.

AI image generator Image style transfer


What is an AI generator?

An AI art generator is a type of technology that can create digital images with generative artificial intelligence. Firefly uses text prompts to generate artwork, which can then be customized into a variety of styles. Images can look like pop art, marble sculptures, clay ceramics, or watercolor paintings, just to name a few.

How does an AI art generator work?

AI art generators are a type of generative artificial intelligence. Like other types of artificial intelligence, generative AI relies on large datasets to produce the desired result, such as a digital artwork, creating something totally new — all triggered by a single text prompt. The current Firefly generative AI model is trained on a dataset from Adobe Stock is trained on a dataset from Adobe Stock, openly licensed content, and public domain content where the copyright has expired.

How do you make AI generated art?

Adobe Firefly is a fast, intuitive way to create AI-generated art in a variety of styles. It lets you create detailed, stylish images with a text prompt. You can quickly customize your images with other Firefly tools, or fine-tune it even further in Creative Cloud apps like Adobe Photoshop.


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