6 Marketing Tips To Boost Your Real Estate Lead Generation

In the real estate industry, the average client isn’t returning to buy a new home every year, much less every month. But when you want to make a living as a Realtor, regularly closing deals is part of the job—which means having a great real estate lead generation strategy is key to your success.

You may already have your real estate website up and your listings active and up-to-date, but if you really want to nail your lead gen, it’s time to graduate from marketing basics. Modern real estate agents need to go beyond just having an online presence. If you want buyer leads to gravitate toward you (and not your competitors), you need an online presence that’s visually appealing and accessible on numerous channels—namely social media.

Here are six of the best real estate marketing moves you can make to generate more high-quality leads and sell homes consistently.


1. Kick-Start Real Estate Lead Generation with Quality Photos

Before you can capture a lead, you need to capture clicks. Whether you’re posting pictures of a house on real estate sites like Zillow or Realtor.com, on social media, or elsewhere, it’s important to show homebuyers a property they want to live in.

If possible, stage each home before you get started on photography. This may involve arranging furniture to make the house look bigger, while still looking cozy, and selecting decor that’s aesthetically pleasing. At the least, make sure the home is clean and decluttered.

A professional real estate photographer is an investment that can definitely be worth your while, but if you’re on a tight timeline or budget, make sure your photos are well-lit and fully encapsulate each room. Open all the blinds for some natural lighting and turn on all the lights to give your photos an extra glow.

Real estate lead generation: Large modern kitchen with white cabinets

Get more tips for taking better pictures, even with just an iPhone, and you’ll soon have the perfect images for your marketing collateral.

2. Film Video Tours for Your Listings

You’ve earned a click into your listing. Score! How do you make sure your potential leads actually give you their contact information before they go? Video tours can be the perfect, persuasive solution for earning those lead captures.

A high-quality video walkthrough can give homebuyers a better sense of the atmosphere and character of a house. Helping them envision themselves on the property can be all you need to convince them to book a tour or reach out with more questions.

Video tours are also great content to share on your social media channels as a means of driving more online leads to your listing.

These tours don’t have to be fancy. Just film each area of the house as you’re walking through it, then add some free music, narration, or text with Adobe Spark to make it as engaging as possible. It only takes minutes, and no experience is needed!

3. Promote Open Houses on Facebook and Nextdoor

Open houses are a tried-and-true method of gaining tons of high-quality leads who are ready to buy and have experienced your home. But getting people to your open house is no longer as simple as posting on a community bulletin board. To make your open house highly visible to potential clients, it’s important to promote your event where millions of people are spending their time: on social media.

Facebook and Nextdoor are especially useful for getting new leads to your open house.

On your Facebook business page, you can create a dedicated event page for every open house you host—which you can promote with Facebook ads—so you and your followers can invite house-seeking friends, and interested buyers can save the date. They can also RSVP, which actually allows you to send them updates and messages before you even have their contact information, so you can begin warming up your leads even before they attend.

Make sure to use Adobe Spark’s free event banner templates to catch the eyes of every Facebook user who is looking for a home.

Adobe Spark event banner template for a condo open house


On the neighborhood app Nextdoor, real estate professionals can take advantage of features specifically designed for posting open houses. If you choose to pay to promote your event, it will also show up on event calendars, newsletters, and more for people directly in your target market, helping you land even more RSVPs.

4. Offer Valuable Content on Social Media

Getting homebuyers to tour specific homes is a big part of real estate lead generation, but if you want a continuous stream of leads, one of the best things you can do is position yourself as an expert in your industry and locale. Doing so on social media—an ever-growing lead source—is a smart digital marketing tactic that can make you stand out from other real estate businesses and win over more homebuyers than ever before.

To prove your expertise, share valuable content that can help potential clients through the homebuying process. Show them that you’re the knowledgeable Realtor they need by sharing:

Because visual content is key to growing engagement and the homebuying process can be complex, especially for first-time homebuyers, one of the best ways to share valuable information is through an infographic. This type of graphic allows you to better serve potential leads and get their attention as they’re scrolling through their feeds.

Want a fast pass to a beautifully designed infographic for social media? Use Adobe Spark’s infographic maker and all you need to do is select a template and customize it with your own text, icons, and colors!

Adobe Spark infographic template about snow days in Chicago

Adobe Spark infographic template about caring for indoor plants

5. Target Locals With Social Media Ads

While some of the best real estate lead generation tactics are free, social media ads are unbeatable for expanding your reach fast—and it won’t break your budget either, even if you’re a new agent.

Whether you’re running ads on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social network of your choice, nearly all platforms offer pay-per-click (PPC) ads that allow you to set your max budget and only pay when someone engages with your campaign.

What’s more, social marketing tools enable you to target exactly who you want to reach, so if you’re selling a $500,000 home, you can target people with higher income levels, as well as specific ZIP codes, who may have interest in homebuying. Make sure your ad links to a listing or landing page that allows visitors to fill in their contact info, so you never miss a lead!

Adobe Spark’s advertisement maker can help you quickly and easily create attractive social media ads that earn you a wealth of clicks from your target audience.

Real estate lead generation: Adobe Spark ad template for an apartment open house


6. Nurture Relationships With Homebuyers on LinkedIn

A home is a big purchase. This means your potential clients are bound to be more cautious in the process than they would for something like a frying pan or a phone. Getting your leads to take action—for example, scheduling a one-on-one tour—can take longer than in other industries, and converting them into buyers can take even longer. You don’t want to lose your potential clients along the way.

LinkedIn is a great place to keep nurturing relationships over time. Not only can you offer valuable content, as previously discussed, to position yourself as a premier agent, but you can also direct-message and follow up with potential buyers with ease.

As you keep warm leads engaged over time, your lead conversion rate will naturally increase. And as you continue to engage with buyers after they close, they may refer you to other customers, allowing your real estate lead generation cycle to seamlessly continue as you expand your sphere of influence.

While LinkedIn may be known as a professional networking site, you don’t need to be selling commercial properties to use it for real estate lead generation. After all, many professionals are homebuyers—and if you’re looking for clients on the other side of the spectrum, many may be great seller leads, too.

Once you start effectively connecting with homebuyers on LinkedIn and other social media platforms—and pairing your social media marketing efforts with visual marketing tools like infographics and video tours—your real estate lead generation will blossom. Be sure to tag @adobespark in any digital real estate flyers you create to show us how you’re attracting leads!