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Unlock the power of social planning with the Adobe Express social media content planner. Quickly create, plan, preview and schedule your content with an easy and intuitive calendar – available on desktop and our mobile app.

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How to schedule content.

1. Plan.

Save ideas as Unscheduled posts and create Draft posts to plan out your content scheduler. Move content around with drag and drop ease.

2. Connect.

Connect your social accounts to your content scheduler to save time with automatic publishing.

3. Publish.

Preview how your content will look once published and share it at the perfect time for your audience across multiple social channels.

Create and plan your content for free.

Whether you are a small business looking to schedule Instagram posts for the month or a social media manager trying to make an impact across multiple social channels, Adobe Express allows you to do it all in one place. Create, plan, preview your content, and schedule posts in Adobe Express for a seamless content creation workflow across multiple social media platforms.

Cohesive Brand Image.

By scheduling your posts, you guarantee a consistent and unified brand presence. Keep a steady flow of captivating content that reflects your brand's identity, voice, and values. Consistency fosters trust and familiarity among your followers, enhancing your brand's credibility and fostering lasting customer loyalty.

Audience Engagement.

Building a strong relationship with your audience is paramount to business growth. Scheduling posts enables you to consistently engage with your followers, even during peak engagement hours when your target audience is most active. By posting at optimal times, you increase the likelihood of capturing attention, sparking conversations, and generating higher levels of engagement.

Expanded Reach.

Scheduling Posts, Reels and Stories helps your content reaches a wider audience. By increasing visibility through consistent activity and regularly scheduled posts. Furthermore, by scheduling Posts, Reels and Stories at different times, you can tap into global markets and reach audiences in different time zone.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is a content scheduler?
A content scheduler is a tool that helps content creators align and schedule social media posts across various social networks. The Adobe Express Content Scheduler and other social media scheduling tools provide a content calendar view to help social media marketers organize and plan their content, freeing up your time by automatically pushing your posts across multiple social media profiles.
What are the benefits of using a content scheduler?
A tool like the Adobe Express Content Scheduler allows you to create a visual plan, view and refine draft posts, and ensure timing to maximize your reach and brand impact. Save time by publishing scheduled content across multiple social channels, all in one place.
What social platforms can I publish to?
Currently, you can connect to TikTok (New), Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, and LinkedIn for free.
Can I tag other accounts?
Yes, you can tag others in your social posts using Content Scheduler.
Can I get Adobe Express for free?
Yes, there is a free plan available to everyone, which includes access to Content Scheduler where you can post up to 1000 posts/month in addition to everything you need to stand out, such as thousands of templates, hundreds of thousands of Adobe Stock photos, videos and music and thousands of design assets and fonts to choose from. Upgrade to the Premium plan to connect up to three accounts to each social channel with our new multi-account publishing feature in Content Scheduler. See our  plans and pricing  for more details.
Can I schedule posts on my mobile device?
Content Scheduler is now available on the Adobe Express mobile app.