Free TikTok video creator.

Create trending videos for TikTok in minutes with the Adobe Express free online video editor. No experience required.

Free TikTok video creator.

Create trending videos for TikTok in minutes with the Adobe Express free video editor. No experience required.

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Get noticed with the Adobe Express TikTok video creator.

Engage your audience and grow your brand on TikTok with Adobe Express. Choose from tons of free video templates to help you get started on editing your promo videos, product reviews, mini vlogs, recipe videos, and more with ease. Bring life to your project with animated text, icons, graphics, and video transitions. There’s no limit to how you can express yourself – turn your creative vision to life in seconds. No experience required.

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How to use the TikTok video creator.

Make stunning videos for TikTok all in one place.

Split, trim, & crop scenes.

Use powerful video editing tools to turn lengthy scenes into short-form TikTok videos.

Resize for any social channel.

Easily resize your video to fit the video ratios of other social channels in one tap.

Apply animation.

Add animated effects to any element in your TikTok video.

Fine-tune video speed.

Speed clips up or slow them down to make perfectly timed dance videos, tutorials, & more.

Edit videos together.

Before wrapping up your video project, invite others to leave comments, edit, and view your work in real-time.

Save & edit videos anytime.

Download your videos or go back and edit them anytime in Adobe Express.

Schedule out content.

Plan & publish videos months or weeks ahead with the Adobe Express Content Scheduler.

Add stunning filter effects.

Easily apply filters like duotone, adjust color, brightness, and more in your videos.

Grow followers with Adobe Express by your side.

An all-in-one editor from your browser.

Make any kind of video for TikTok with Adobe Express.

Enjoy royalty-free & rights cleared media assets.

Customize with free high-quality stock music, videos, & more in Adobe Express.

Start with free video templates at your side.

Add your own videos, photos, & voiceovers to make standout TikTok content.

Go viral with the Adobe Express TikTok video creator.

Get noticed instantly and grow your followers when you create videos for TikTok of different lengths. Play around with drag-and-drop video editing features in Adobe Express to cut down your content into a ten-second clip or increase the length of your video to experiment with engagement.

Instead of making videos within the TikTok app, you’ll have access to even more editing features to personalize your video to you. Upload your video footage to Adobe Express and get started with free video templates you can fully customize. Drag and drop icons, graphics, and add animated effects to your project. Make your video stand out by choosing from more than 25,000 Adobe Fonts or get unique font pair recommendations in the same project. No experience required.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I make a TikTok video with videos and photos?
Upload photos and videos to your video right from your desktop to add to your TikTok video. Adjust the length of each clip by dragging the corners of each frame or rearrange them anywhere on your video timeline to your liking.
How do I add text to my TikTok video?
Add text to your TikTok video by selecting the Text icon at the left of the online editor. Select the + button to add your text, change fonts, and even get font pairing recommendations all in one place.
How do you make a TikTok video with music?
You can make a TikTok video with tons of royalty-free soundtracks of all genres free to add to your video in Adobe Express, or you can upload your own. You can also apply audio to your video in the TikTok app.
What kind of videos can I make for TikTok?
You can create all kinds of videos for TikTok. With tons of free video templates readily available for you to choose from, you can create cooking videos, a day in the life vlogs, product promos, dance videos, TikTok challenges, and more.
How do I resize a video for TikTok?
You can resize your video in seconds right in the Adobe Express online editor. If you’ve already finished editing a video, you can upload it to the online video editor and hit the Resize button to change your video dimensions for TikTok in a snap. You can also get started with preset TikTok video dimensions when you create your video in Adobe Express.