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Adobe Spark’s video outro maker is intuitive, intelligent, and fun to use.

Create your own outro now

Create your own video outro with Adobe Spark Video.

Video outros are perfect for adding credits or a branded touch to video content on social media, YouTube, and more. With Adobe Spark Video you can create your very own outro with no professional editing or design experience necessary. Adobe Spark Video offers an intuitive editing interface so you can start, build, and share your outro video with ease.

Create your own outro now

How to create an outro to a YouTube video.

Create a new Adobe Spark Video project.
Open the Adobe Spark Video mobile app and tap on the “+” button to start a new project. Choose a video format size that works best for your needs by tapping on the “re-size” button. Widescreen is a great option that works on almost any screen, and square is more favorable for sharing on social media or with friends.
Drop-in your content.
With Adobe Spark Video, you can create using both videos and photos. There are loads of options and resources for you to find the content that perfectly communicates your messaging. Just the photo options alone allow you to upload from your library, take a photo, source it from Adobe Stock or Facebook, and more. As you start adding in your content, simply drag and drop to reorder your timeline to perfection.
Get creative using text.
Video outros are traditionally a place to sign off, roll credits, give credit, or add follow-up details or calls to action. You can explore different text styles by tapping on the “Layout” tab. Choose the option that best presents the information you’d like to present in your outro.
Spice it up with themes and tunes.
Adobe Spark Video comes pre-loaded with themes that control the overall look and feel of your video. Themes power transition effects between slides, allowing for logo reveals and logo animations. Simply tap the “Themes” category and choose from unique themes. Then, put the cherry on top of your video with the perfect pairing of music. Explore Adobe Spark’s selection of songs or upload your own from your files or iTunes.
Save, export, and share your intro video.
Adobe Spark saves all your videos so you can pause at any point and return to editing. When you’re ready to share, you can download your video as an MP4. Or share it directly to Facebook, Twitter, email, or as a link to send to anyone.

Make a video outro that will leave a lasting impression.

With video content more popular and accessible than ever, video outros serve as an important tool to give credit, close out with contact information, or present a call to action. If you’re making a video on behalf of your brand or a business, an outro is also a great place to highlight your brand or sponsors with logos and contact details. Outros aren’t just informative, though, they’re also fun. View outros as an opportunity to let your creativity or personality shine as you polish off your video.

Adobe Spark your creativity with a custom video outro.

Conclude any video with a bang. Adobe Spark Video makes it easy and fun to create a beautiful, professional, and impressive outro video with no editing experience necessary. Add all your own photos, video clips, music, or branded logos to your video. Add collaborators to your project to get the whole team on board. And, you can even duplicate your outro project to revise it into a video intro. Adobe Spark Video is here to help take away any stress or confusion and allow uninhibited fun and creativity to flow.

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