Free YouTube clip editor.

Engage your audience at first glance with short video clips for YouTube made in Adobe Express. Trim, split, and crop videos in minutes. No experience required.

Free YouTube clip editor.

Engage your audience at first glance with short video clips for YouTube made in Adobe Express. Trim, split, and crop videos in minutes. No experience required.

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Create YouTube clips in seconds with Adobe Express.

YouTube clips are a great way to showcase bite-sized versions of already existing content on your channel to boost engagement. Quickly and easily trim lengthy tutorials, explainer videos, and more into short clips under 60 seconds with the Adobe Express free all-in-one online editor. Upload footage, trim and crop it, add music, and you’re ready to go. No experience necessary.

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How to make a video clip for YouTube.

An easy-to-use free online YouTube clip maker.

Turn long videos into clips.

Easily shorten long-form YouTube videos into a clip.

One-tap resize options.

Resize video clips into Instagram Reels, story highlights or a Facebook story to get more reach.

Get moving with animated effects.

Make any element in your design dynamic. Choose any icon, shape, text, or graphic to apply animated transition effects.

Switch up video speed instantly.

Tap on any video clip and use the sliding menu to slow scenes down or speed them up.

Work together.

Shoot and share feedback, edit, & view the same project in real-time with others whether you’re a minute or miles away.

Save videos & share online.

Create and share as many videos as you’d like.

Schedule your content

Never miss a date when you plan & publish content using the Adobe Express Content Scheduler.

Enhance videos with one tap filter effects.

Brighten dark videos, sharpen blurry scenes, & add attention-grabbing filter effects.

Everything you need to build a standout YouTube channel.

One-stop shop for building your channel.

Create and edit all the visual assets you need for an on-brand YouTube channel, from banners, thumbnails, video clips, and more.

Thousands of stock videos, images, music, and other assets.

Combine your own video content with Adobe Stock royalty-free, high-quality stock videos, icons, images, gifs, soundtracks and more for a unique visual project.

Get ahead with ready-made, free video templates.

Fast-track content creation with free, fully customizable video templates at your side in Adobe Express.

Create any kind of video clip for YouTube, fast.

Whether it’s a funny meme video, recap montage, or a product release sneak peek, Adobe Express has everything you need to make an attention-grabbing YouTube clip. Speed up your editing for whatever niche you’re creating for with tons of free video templates to start with. Snag royalty-free stock videos, images, and soundtracks right in the editor if you find yourself short on media assets or personalize even further when you add your brand logo and colors. No experience required.

Own the attention with scroll-stopping animated effects.

Standout from competitors and keep your audience engaged when you animate elements in your video clip. It could be anything from a call to action that tumbles into the frame, to your brand logo that fades in at the very beginning.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I add music to my video clips?
Select Media at the left of the online editor, then click the Audio tab. Hit the + button to upload your own music or audio to your project or add your own voiceover. If you don’t have any tunes of your own to add, Adobe Stock has your back with hundreds of free soundtracks available for you to add right into your project in the same place.
How do I make a YouTube video clip?
To make a video clip for YouTube, you can upload long-form video content you’ve already created for your channel to trim down, or upload your own media to the online editor to start editing a short-form video.
Why are video clips for YouTube important?
Think of YouTube clips as short trailers or sneak peeks of your video. It’s a great way to entice viewers to click on your content and watch it. Since many viewers don’t have much time to watch longer videos, your short clip can give them a better understanding of the kind of content you offer. In short, it helps build value for your brand or business in a shorter time frame while boosting engagement.
How do I save my video clip after I’m done making edits?
All video projects made in Adobe Express are automatically saved within your browser, so you don’t need to worry about taking up storage space on your device. You can also hit the Download button at the top right of your screen to save your video on your desktop to share online.
Do I need to have video editing experience to use Adobe Express?
No editing skills are needed to start using Adobe Express. With the online editor, all the important video editing features are made free and simple to use for all skill levels. Start today and see just how easy it is to make stunning videos in minutes.
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