Creative Fitness Challenge #9: Scale Your Content Velocity

If you’ve conquered the Spark Creative Fitness Challenges up to this point, your content creation game is strong. Now it’s time to make sure your content strategy can go the distance. This video will show you how to leverage topics that you can repeat consistently so your social media presence has endurance.

If you work in the fitness world, some sample topics and themes could be a sharing a new fitness tip every Tuesday and sharing a recording of your latest fitness move or safety suggestion every Friday. These topics and themes allow for variation but they also create structure in regular repetition. And best of all, they create brand recognition and brand loyalty with your followers because they come to expect and rely on the consistent value that you share.

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You’re almost done with the Creative Fitness Challenge! Ready for the final video? Jump right in! And don’t forget to tag your creations with #SparkCreativeFitness.