Designs for Change: 33 Templates for Social Issues and Causes

Change is afoot—an estimated 113 million people voted in the 2018 midterms elections (the highest numbers seen since 1966), climate changes are causing some to take a more active role in protecting the environment, and young people are impacting every level of society from student government to the nation’s capital. If you are riding the wave of change, social media is where to find your tribe—whether it be social, spiritual, political, educational or environmental. If you feel called to lead, if you are a change-maker at heart, you can spark positive changes by sharing powerful, informative, inspiring designs the compel people into action.

These 33, totally free, completely customizable design templates serve to motivate, inspire, educate, and mobilize people to your cause. The striking designs capture eyes and then your persuasive message will take it from there. Spread the news with captivating IG Stories, Facebook and Instagram infographics that state your case, invitations to donate and volunteer, and other calls to action and conversation starters that you can distribute through all your social media channels. When it comes to making change, Adobe Spark has your back. Get your message seen and heard with these 21 customizable templates that appeal to people’s hearts (and design aesthetic).

Environmental Issues

Champion your love for our planet, Mother Earth, with impactful imagery and infographics.

Meaningful Quotes

Designed to motivate and inspire.


Create positive change within your local community by encouraging others to join the cause by lending their support.

Social Issues

Highlight important issues to increase awareness and help inspire change.

Infographics — use these powerful graphics designed to represent data in an easy-to-remember way.

Customizing Adobe Spark templates is a snap. Just click on the template you want to update, then hit “Remix.” There are a range of options for personalizing your design from the wording to the type of font to the coloring to the photos…to pretty much whatever you want to change. Starting with the template makes it easy to have a great looking design, you just pop in your ‘need to know’ information and then share through your social platforms.

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