Embark on NASA Missions with Adobe Spark!

Adobe Spark has officially joined NASA’s space team and our first order of business is empowering future scientists to communicate their ideas in compelling, visual ways. Use Spark to join NASA OPSPARC‘s new missions, which will have you learning about NASA technology, inventing your own, and presenting your ideas in impactful ways that could change the world. You could even win a trip to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, along with other prizes along the way!

Your Missions, Should You Choose to Accept…

**Mission 1 — “Spinoff Scavenger Hunt”
**If you wear sunglasses or sleep on a memory foam mattress, you’re using rocket science technology. In fact, there are more than 2,000 NASA Spinoffs, meaning materials or technology that were developed for space exploration but have become household names among Earthlings. Mission 1 challenges you to find eight ways we use NASA technology in our everyday lives. Use Adobe Spark Post to create an infographic that communicates how we’ve adopted this rocket science. Click any of the images below to get started on your entry. Once submitted, you’ll be entered into a monthly drawing to receive a 30-minute virtual visit from NASA.




These infographics follow best graphic design practices, such as having a clear information hierarchy, compelling headlines, and an orderly grid to help organize information.

Mission 2 — “Create Your Own Spinoff”
Now that you’ve found everyday applications of NASA technology in Mission 1, take your creative problem solving to the next level by applying Spinoff technology in a new way. This challenge asks you to identify a societal problem and redesign NASA technology to tackle the problem. Using a variety of media (such as the infographics above), create a Spark Page to present your idea to a panel of NASA judges, explaining why your idea is worthy of more investigation. Make sure to clearly state what problem your technology will help solve and include visuals to aid your persuasion. Winning teams will be invited to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for two days of in-depth, behind-the-scenes, hands-on workshops with scientists and astronauts.

Get started designing your entry in Spark Page!

Mission 3 — “InWorld Innovation”
If you win Mission 2, you’ll have the chance to take your idea to a new dimension in a virtual world! Working with NASA engineers, marketing professionals and college mentors, you’ll develop models and a marketing plan to see your idea come to life in a 3D virtual world. In addition to the hands-on mentoring and NASA Certificate of Participation, winners will receive a two-day trip the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The OPSPARC missions ares open to students from the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec) and, citizens of the United Kingdom. Learn more about how to enter the missions on the NASA OPSPARC website.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash