Instagram’s Most Meme-ingful Content: Brands Winning the Meme Game

Social media runs on memes. At this point, we’ve all probably experienced that #oddlysatisfying spark of recognition when you spot a meme that is soooo you or the serotonin jolt when you share a meme and others also connect with it. Whether they’re absurdly funny, absurdly true, or just plain absurd, memes are highly effective in visually communicating emotion and inspiring people to build upon or share ideas. And because a well-timed, #relatable meme can take your page from obscurity to Internet fame, people are turning to memes to promote everything from products and apps to social causes and ideas about humanity. Read on to have a giggle and learn about three brands killin’ the meme game right now. Then dive into our meme templates and design tips to create your own meme-ingful communication with our meme generator.


Think mundane updates about return policies and customer service are engagement rate-reducing snooze fests? Think again. A meme can turn an otherwise boring communication into a marketing moment. Take a look at how feminist clothing brand @wearwildfang turned a note about their customer service into a meme that leverages imagery relevant to their target audience and the universal emotion of being excited about a package heading your way.

Announcements aren’t the only time this brand uses memes to promote their brand.  Of-the-moment clapbacks to social issues artfully showcase both their product offerings and brand ethos. The key to their success? A brand mission statement that gets at the heart of why they provide inclusive, well-made clothing.

Pro-tip: Think about how your caption and imagery work together to make a single point or tell a broader story. What’s effective about Wildfang’s memes is they don’t just say something about what they offer, but rather dive into what it feels like to shop Wildfang. Then they sneak in their communication goal, like letting customers know when items are back in stock.

Chani Nicholas

How do you make the ancient tradition of astrology accessible and relevant for today? Meme-it. Astrologer and thought leader Chani Nicholas has a particular point of view, but first she hooks scrollers with situations that efficiently get at the emotion she unpacks further in the comments. It’s classic show don’t tell.

Pro-tip: Add your logo or watermark to your memes so your brand follows your content, no matter how far and wide it’s shared.


Dating app Hinge combines dog memes and influencer marketing to spread their message across Instagram–and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Instead of touting how many eligible singles are on their site, they tug at everyone’s desire for companionship through the universal love of dog memes. Plus, they’ve teamed up with psychologists, life coaches, and content creators to help distribute the message.

The lesson here: touting the features of your offering is one part of the puzzle, but impactful communications often boil down to getting at how you want your audience to feel. In the case of Hinge, the dog pictures provide a light, accessible way to get at why many are turning to dating apps. Another lesson: if you can figure out a way to speak in dogs, then you’re ahead of the game.

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