Introducing Adobe Spark for Education

As we strive to make Adobe Spark the go-to visual communication platform for everyone, we love seeing how diverse our Adobe Spark community has become. One area where we’ve seen particularly strong adoption is in the classroom. In just a few short years, Adobe Spark has become an essential tool in schools the world over. From preschoolers making their own video stories using their own drawings and voice, to middle schoolers turning in research papers that resemble magazine-quality web pages, to clubs and sports teams sharing eye-catching posts on social media, Adobe Spark has emerged as a valuable and versatile resource for students and teachers alike.

Ensuring our products are poised to empower the next generation is of the utmost importance to us. So today we’re releasing Adobe Spark for Education. It’s everything you already know and love about Adobe Spark, with some extra safeguards and better workflows that will make it easier to bring these powerful storytelling and digital literacy tools into your classroom.

So, what’s changed? Well, when it comes to Adobe Spark itself, nothing at all. Adobe Spark for Education is the same design, webpage, and video formats that students and educators already use and love. The big change is in how Adobe Spark for Education gets deployed and setup, and this new deployment has some really important benefits for schools, school districts, and ultimately students.

Adobe Spark and Minors

Younger users love Adobe Spark. But users under the age of 13 could not create their own Adobe Spark logins, so we’ve always required teachers to create shared classroom accounts for students to use. This workflow is less than ideal and poses challenges and limitations for teachers. With Adobe Spark for Education, students can log in with their very own user ID and password. Once deployed, schools can use Adobe Spark for Education’s management tools to create and manage student accounts in a way that is consistent with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule) and in an environment that keeps students and their privacy safe and secure.

Simplified Logins

Allowing students to log in to Adobe Spark is great, until they forget their passwords, that is. Adobe Spark for Education ties into existing school login options – Google’s G Suite for Education, Microsoft’s Office 365, etc. – so there are no additional accounts to create and manage. Students log into Adobe Spark just as they do any other apps.

Public image search remains one of Adobe Spark’s most popular features, and it is one students rely on extensively. Adobe Spark already implements safe-search, but because we rely on third-party sites, our safe-searches are only as good as theirs. With Adobe Spark for Education, we’ve identified the image partners that can reliably return safe content and set global settings that opt students in to only those sites.

And More FREE Goodies, Too!

Adobe Spark’s core functionality is free, and always has been. Last year though, we unveiled premium features that allow for greater customization, like personalized themes, custom branding, and more. These premium features are included in any Creative Cloud plan or as a standalone offering for $10/month (or $100/year) per user. Adobe Spark for Education users, however, get these premium features…for free!

In the classroom, features that come with Adobe Spark subscription better enable lessons around creative expression, personal branding, and consistent design. But it also represents an exciting opportunity for use outside of the classroom. Every user logging in with their school or district login (students, teachers, administrators, coaches, school staff, you name it) will get access to these features included in Adobe Spark subscription, so that means anyone in the education space will be empowered to really stand out in today’s crowded digital media landscape. We’re excited to see how this exclusive access enables schools and the people that power them in areas like fundraising, events, and community building.
Learn more about how to create branded content with Adobe Spark subscription!

Get Adobe Spark in Your School

Getting started with Adobe Spark for Education isn’t quite as simple as creating a personal Adobe Spark account. We need to ensure that things are configured correctly to get accounts integrated and keep students safe, so getting your school set up with Adobe Spark requires that we work with your school administrators or district IT folks. The good news is that we have experts on-hand to help with this. Just head over to and use the link at the bottom of the page, and we’ll help you get up and running.

See how a school in Virginia uses Adobe Spark in the classroom.

Thank you

Adobe Spark for Education marks another step in our evolution, one where far greater numbers of students, teachers, schools, and even school districts will be able to adopt our platform. We can’t thank the education community enough for the support, constructive feedback, and daily inspiration your work with Adobe Spark has provided since the very beginning. Seeing the amazing stories that students of all ages create with Adobe Spark and hearing the ways teachers put storytelling, communication, and creative literacy at the core of their lessons is what drives our team. We are excited for what this new chapter in the Adobe Spark story means for the next generation of creatives. And we are just getting started.

Aubrey Cattell
General Manager, Adobe Spark