New Adobe Express for Education release makes creative skill-building easy for K-12 classrooms

Summer is beginning, and the only people more excited than K–12 students are K–12 teachers. Even as you all enjoy your well-earned R&R, we know you are just starting to think about new ways to inspire students in the upcoming school year. Many of you are planning to attend the ISTELive 24 conference to explore the latest in edtech.

Adobe will be at ISTE in booth #1600 to showcase the latest release of Adobe Express for Education, the AI creativity app that makes creative skill building easy – and it’s completely free for K12 worldwide. Come learn about how Adobe Express delivers responsible generative AI that’s designed to be classroom safe, with a brand-new assignment experience, creative projects and teaching resources shipping this back to school.

Read on to discover how all teachers can improve learning outcomes and student engagement as they inspire students to more easily make impactful posters, presentations, infographics, videos, animations, and more with Adobe Express.

Boost students’ creative expression and critical thinking skills with responsible generative AI that is designed to be safe for the classroom

With Adobe Express, teachers can introduce generative AI to students as another tool to think creatively, while making sure students are still learning in a safe way.

Adobe guardrails on generative AI prompts and outputs encourage appropriate use and we give district admins the ability to toggle on and off our generative AI features. Lastly, Adobe does not include student projects from K12 and Higher Ed institutions in training datasets for generative AI.

Features powered by generative AI enable students to start creating quickly, think critically, and exercise voice and choice in their learning. Best of all, the features are incredibly engaging to use as you can see below.

Engage students with easy projects to boost creative skill building

Teachers can get students excited about learning and empower them to demonstrate their knowledge in creative ways:

Adobe Express also offers unique time-savers for teachers, including:

Use step-by-step, subject-specific teaching resources to get started quickly

Adobe Express for Education comes with thousands of high-quality templates for subjects including English, math, science, and social studies. And now, it also includes Creative Challenges right in the app to help everyone get familiar with key features and grow their creative confidence. These starter projects contain templates and instructions, are designed with scaffolding, are easy to share, and can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Seamless creative assignments and easy collaboration

Teachers and students have always been able to work together in Adobe Express by commenting on projects – now, the new Assignments feature lets teachers monitor each student’s progress in real time and provide live feedback. This unique feature enables teachers to support students on an individual level throughout the creative journey rather than waiting until work has been submitted.

Get support from a community of like-minded educators

Join the Adobe Creative Educator Facebook community, attend free professional development sessions, and tune in to Adobe’s weekly Quick Wins livestream to get the support you need, when you need it.

Learn more about the benefits of Adobe Express for Education and find out how to access the free app in your school or classroom. We can’t wait to share more with you at ISTE, either in person at booth #1600 or online at #notatISTE!

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