Adobe Express brings even more revolutionary AI innovation for all creators with new imaging, social, video, design, brand and collaboration tools

We’re living in a world where anyone can now bring their creative vision to life simply by describing it in a few words and generating content in just seconds. A world where applications act as a creative co-pilot to help instantly create designs all unique to someone's style and taste.

Generative AI is truly ushering in a new era of creative expression for everyone, and creators are open to new unparalleled opportunities to work in ways where creativity and productivity are more interconnected and complimentary than ever before.

Express is revolutionizing how people and brands around the world turn ideas into standout content with groundbreaking generative AI that is designed to be safe for commercial use, coupled with an easy-to-use yet powerful all-in-one editor for all content creation needs.

And today, we’re excited to launch even more generative AI features, powered by Adobe Firefly, directly in Express with AI-powered Generative Fill and Text to Template. Plus, the new Translate feature, TikTok direct posting and publishing, and Drawing and Painting for students and teachers. We've made it even easier to transform your creative workflows and help you work faster, smarter and have more fun doing it.

With Express now being used by millions of users globally, we’re consistently rolling out exciting new features and capabilities, making it fast, easy and fun for anyone to produce the highest-quality content that you expect from Adobe products.

Generate content the way you dream it up

Adobe Express continues to empower creative expression for all skill levels with our newest generative AI features powered by Adobe Firefly. With the introduction of Firefly generative AI, creators are now empowered to express their creative ideas with greater efficiency and without constraints. Generate truly mind-blowing and delightful content, the way you dream it up, using Text to Image and Text Effects features, from images, audio, vectors, videos and 3D.

And now with Generative Fill—the same generative AI technology that’s already popular in Photoshop—anyone can easily insert, remove, or replace objects, people and more in any image using just a description. With Text to Template, creators can get started or inspired with a design even easier, with the ability to generate extraordinary, fully editable templates using just a text description, to create anything from a custom unicorn birthday invite or a back-to-school carnival fundraiser flyer in just seconds.

Text to Template generates editable designs that combine extraordinary images generated by Adobe Firefly and Adobe Stock photos sourced from artists globally, and text brought to life from Adobe’s best-in-class collection of fonts.

The Adobe Express generative AI features from Firefly are trained on Adobe Stock’s hundreds of millions of high-resolution images, openly licensed content and public domain content, where copyright has expired, and is designed to generate content safe for commercial use.

Elevate and scale content without leaving your creative workflow

Now more than ever, creators need tools that empower them to express their creativity without constraints. Translate auto generates localized copy in 45 languages (with more coming!), saving creators valuable time. And now, we’re also excited to bring the capability for users to schedule and share videos directly to TikTok, along with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and X, without ever leaving creative workflows, making it that much easier to create and share social content.

Empower students with even more creativity

The new Drawing and Painting capabilities for students introduce a new digital canvas with over 50 free digital brushes. Explore wildly fun multicolor paint, decorative and art supply brushes that mimic charcoal, pencil, watercolor textures and so much more. Kick-start your imagination with over 100 student-friendly drawing templates that feature coloring mode, to make painting with precision easier than ever. More than 56M students and educators around the world already have access to Express to collaborate in real-time to create stunning digital portfolios, shared projects, flyers, flashcards, animated videos and more.

Here’s a look at what else Express has to offer:

Connected across Adobe apps, and collaborate, create and share with everyone

We like to refer to Express as the perfect complement to Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Acrobat. You can now import, edit, and sync assets across applications to collaborate in real-time and action quick tasks like remove background, social media creations or concept approval, that will empower you and your team to always stay on brand. Shared projects give your team all-in-one access to relevant files, brands, and libraries for effortless collaboration.

There are so many starting points for all users, whether it’s starting from a template, from scratch or starting in Photoshop, Illustrator or Acrobat, we’re making it possible for anyone to produce the highest-quality content that you can expect from us.

Express with Firefly is now also directly integrated into AEM Assets as a beta (powered by the Adobe Express Embed SDK), enabling teams to generate beautiful, ready-to-share content, democratizing creativity across the entire Enterprise. Enterprise users can also seamlessly access AEM Assets within Express, empowering all teams to directly access and publish assets. And AEM Assets is just one of the many new add-ons for Express described in more detail below.

We’re also excited to share that Express for Teams is now available for small and medium businesses, allowing for easy license management, more storage, more version history and more so every business user can easily and quickly design stunning on-brand campaigns and marketing materials.

Most Creative Cloud plans include the full paid version of Adobe Express Premium and CC members can now easily and seamlessly access, edit and work with Creative Cloud Libraries and assets built with Photoshop and Illustrator, including as embedded linked assets that auto-update, so everything stays in-sync. Creative Cloud and Express Premium subscribers now also receive monthly Generative Credits that can be used for Firefly-generated content.

Get more from our growing partner ecosystem

A few months ago, we announced the beta launch of the Adobe Express add-ons for developers, to extend the functionality of the all-in-one app to unlock new capabilities and more customizable and creative workflows. We're excited to share that add-ons for Adobe Express are out of developer beta, so now anyone can start building and publishing add-ons.

With Adobe Express add-ons, users can quickly access design elements such as 3D illustrations and artwork with add-ons from Wannathis and Undraw, and leverage marketing optimization and accessibility tools like attention heat maps and color blindness simulations with add-ons from Attention Insight and Color Blindness Simulator.

Our growing add-on marketplace also includes storage integrations from Dropbox, OneDrive and now Google Drive and AEM Assets, that let users quickly add assets straight into their Adobe Express projects and save to their favorite storage provider. We’ve even added a range of brand-new add-ons that enable you to preview social posts through Social Previewer, create mockups with, make and distribute flipbooks with Issuu, access brand style guides with Brandy, and render high-wuality voiceovers with a text description with the new WellSaid Labs add-on for Express.

With the Express Embed SDK, the power of Express is available to users on partner surfaces, right when they need them and in the applications they’re already using. Developers have access to the full Adobe Express editor, unlocking thousands of templates, fonts, Stock images, and videos right within the web app. Developers can also give their users access to Firefly-powered features like Text to Image and Generative Fill to quickly generate content that fits any unique style.

We’re also collaborating with Google to reach even more users. Our new Adobe Express Chrome extension lets users open the Express editor right inside Google Chrome and complete quick actions like remove background, perform video editing, and image quick actions, all within their browser. With the latest version of Adobe Express for Education now seamlessly accessible on Google Chromebooks across the US for K-12 students and teachers, we’re excited to also extend the availability to the all-new Google Chromebook Plus devices. Available today, Chromebook Plus users can quickly start creating standout content with a three-month free trial of Photoshop on the web and the Adobe Express Premium plan powered by Adobe Firefly. This offer is currently exclusive to Chromebook Plus devices, while supplies last.

The Adobe Express developer platform is evolving based on our users’ needs, and we’re working closely with the developer community to ensure you can do even more with Adobe Express. We’re excited about what’s still to come, and we’ll be adding more functionality and capabilities over time. Visit the Adobe Express developer site to learn more.

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