50+ DIY pregnancy announcement ideas you can customize in minutes

"Our family is growing!" green plaid pregnancy announcement card with an image of a child touching a pregnant person's belly in a field



Are you struggling to figure out how to announce your pregnancy? Take a look at these free and customizable templates for your big announcement that will make you and your baby feel special and appreciated during this milestone moment. Use these caption ideas and templates to make greeting cards and print and mail them out today or go the digital route and alter them for announcements across your social media platforms.

How to announce your pregnancy FAQ:

There are enough elements connected to having a baby that can get overly complicated — announcing your pregnancy doesn’t need to be one of them. The following information can help guide your pregnancy announcement decisions and take some stress off your shoulders when engaging with loved ones around your new pregnancy.

What to put in a pregnancy announcement

Whether you’re keeping things simple or going for broke, your pregnancy announcement should include a few basic items:

  1. Your due date
  2. The baby’s name (if you’ve selected one)
  3. The baby’s gender (if you’ve decided to reveal it)
  4. Photos are optional, but sonograms and baby bump shots are very popular.

When should you announce your pregnancy on social media?

A pregnancy is a big event for the body to experience and can come with complications. For purely medical reasons, many people wait until they’ve passed through their first trimester of pregnancy before sharing their good news with the world.

Pregnant people also usually announce their pregnancy after their first ultrasound that reveals the baby’s gender and confirms the baby’s good health. You can hang onto the sonogram photo taken during the ultrasound and use it in the official pregnancy announcement.

What’s the most common week to announce a pregnancy?

Pregnancy announcements usually happen after the first trimester, which would make the 13th and 14th weeks of pregnancy the most common time to officially announce. Especially if this a first pregnancy for the person announcing, it can feel more important to wait until the pregnancy is fully confirmed by a doctor.

Do I need to do a gender reveal announcement?

You absolutely do not need to do a gender reveal announcement for your new baby. Many parents these days are waiting until the birth to find out their child’s gender or leaving that decision up to their child once they get old enough to know themselves better. You could also choose to combine the baby shower with a gender reveal party to build the suspense for your loved ones.

Funny pregnancy announcements

Babies bring laughter into our world, so why not throw a little humor into the mix when announcing a little one’s arrival? These templates and captions will bring a smile to the face of all the loved ones who receive them.

Cute pregnancy announcements

Obviously, all babies are cute. But now you can mirror the cuteness of an impending babe with these sweet pregnancy announcements and captions that utilize soft colors and illustrations to show off the big news.

Minimalist pregnancy announcements

Designing a pregnancy announcement that best represents your own style doesn’t have to be complicated. Customize these captions and templates to show off your classic taste while announcing your new baby.

Creative pregnancy announcements

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