111 Funny quotes that will bring some humor to your day



Whether you’re stuck at work, waiting for your train, or just scrolling down your feed, you may need a little extra enjoyment to make your day feel brighter. This collection of fun and funny quotes will hopefully bring a smile to your face, and can be used for a variety of crafts, like cards, posters, and signs, or for social media captions and graphics. Sit back, relax, and bring a bit of comedy into your life with these 111 lines of reflection, humor, and lived experience.

19 Funny quotes about life

When life give you lemons… you know the rest. Take yourself a little less seriously with these funny quotes about life.


12 Funny work quotes

Five days of your week are spent under someone else’s roof, so use up some of that time with these fun quotes about being a working stiff.


15 Funny motivational quotes

Don’t go the usual route to achieving your dreams; read through these funny motivational quotes and have them inspire you instead!


11 Funny family quotes

For better or for worse, nobody knows you like your family. Feel some camaraderie with these funny quotes about family.


19 Funny quotes about love and marriage

Love is simultaneously the most beautiful and most perplexing thing in the world. Get a little perspective with these quotes about relationships that will make you chuckle.


8 Funny quotes from movies and television

Some of the funniest lines in history come from our favorite television shows and movies. Enjoy a few throwbacks with these hilarious quotes.


27 Funny holiday quotes

Celebrate each holiday with a touch of humor by including these funny quotes in your greeting cards or holiday announcements!


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Free Adobe Express templates with funny quotes for social media

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