The biggest updates in social media | December 2023

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Meta adds more generative AI elements

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Meta has been working on a whole bunch of generative AI elements, including “Imagine” (their text-to-image tool) which is now available within its own app. “Imagine” has also been expanded within chat, with users now also able to “Reimagine” images generated within chats to re-process the AI images and come up with new variations. Additionally, chat personas will soon be available to more users (allowing users to engage with AI versions of celebrities), while you can also now request for Meta AI to produce Reels for you within your DMs. Some smaller AI improvements include generative AI responses for posts, AI ideas for your Facebook Dating profile, AI assistant tools for groups, suggested replies in DMs, as well as a new AI tool that allows you to convert images from landscape to portrait orientation for Stories.

Meta to remove cross-app messaging

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Surprisingly, Meta has announced that from mid-December 2023, it will no longer be possible to message Facebook accounts from an Instagram account. Previous conversations will remain read-only but will no longer be active.

Report finds that Reels are outperforming TikToks

An analysis by Emplifi found that Instagram Reels drove more views and that longer Reels performed best overall. Read the full report here.


Meta wants Group Admins to sign up for new generative AI tools

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Meta is encouraging its Facebook Group Admins to sign up for new generative AI tools which will include content recommendations, new topics filters, and generative AI post prompts.


Instagram tests more uses for Notes

Live soon

Instagram is looking to expand their Notes functionality further by testing the option to add Notes to another user’s profile that would remain there for three days. They've also been testing Notes on feed posts and Reels.

Instagram introduces “Add Yours” Story templates

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Users are now able to create their own “Add Yours” Story templates which are essentially re-usable versions of the Stories you post. To create an “Add Yours” template, add any GIFs, text, or images to your Story, select the “Add Yours Templates” from the sticker tray, and then choose the elements to pin as your template.

Instagram adds options to simplify live-streaming

Live now

Professional accounts can now go live on Instagram using streaming software like OBS or Streamlabs through a stream key. Creators will be able to obtain a stream key via the “Create” menu in the desktop version of the app.

Woman streamer A woman sits at a desk and leans forward into her computer monitor. She is wearing headphones and there is a mic on the desk in front of her.

Instagram adds new anti-spam measures

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Instagram has improved its automated detection of spam and bot profiles. As a result, Instagram will now be able to filter your follow requests by sorting those from potential spam accounts into a separate folder, allow you to bulk review accounts with spam suspect tags, and hide views on your Stories that are suspected to have come from spam accounts. Instagram is also said to be expanding its comment filtering tools to hide spam replies.

Instagram adds looping video to notes and reply options

Live soon

Instagram is testing the ability to add a short looping video temporarily in place of your profile picture to display in the Notes area above DMs. Users can also add a short message to accompany the video.

Instagram tests “Hype” option for Stories

Live soon

The new “Hype” option will allow users to re-post a feed post to their Story with any of the comments attached.

Instagram predicts trends for 2024

Instagram has released a report covering all of the trends they are predicting on social media in 2024. Read the full report here.


Report finds Community Notes fail to address misinformation

ProPublica, in partnership with Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism have investigated misinformation on X, finding that 80% of 2,000 debunked posts had no Community Notes, and that of 200 debunked claims, more than 80 were never clarified with a note. Read the full report here.

X makes further updates to “Media” tab

Live soon

X has been rolling out its new grid display format that appears within the “Media” tab. This format aims to give a better view of the video and image uploads from a specific account. Additionally, a filter has been added to allow users to organize the content they see in this area by most liked, most engaged with, and most recent.

X announces integration with StreamYard

Live now

X’s integration with StreamYard is good news for live streamers, as you’ll now be able to display X comments in streams.

X adds incognito mode controls for Spaces

Live now

This new feature allows Spaces hosts to decide whether they wish to allow non-logged-in anonymous users to be able to join their chats in the app.

X previews new bookmark search option

Live soon

Essentially, the feature will enable you to search for items that you have previously bookmarked.

X looks to add live video to Spaces

Live soon

Spaces participants may soon be able to switch on video during a live audio broadcast.


LinkedIn tests new AI-based learning elements

Live soon

LinkedIn is testing a number of AI learning elements, including a coaching feature that will guide your learning journey by responding to queries related to your career. LinkedIn Learning modules will make it easier for participants to undertake courses which will also come with gamification elements to keep users motivated and committed to maintaining their streak. Additionally, AI within LinkedIn will recommend courses and professional certificate offerings to help you build skills in response to any job alerts you set or jobs that you view on the platform.

Woman at laptop A woman sits at a desk with her laptop open in front of her. She is wearing headphones, glasses, and is smiling.

LinkedIn launches “Guide to creating”

Live now

LinkedIn has changed the name of its “LinkedIn for Creators” to “LinkedIn Guide to Creating.” This shift, which comes about in response to user feedback, will see LinkedIn sharing advice and tips to help users maximize engagement and boost their presence.

LinkedIn releases Newsletter updates

Live now

To support the successful growth of LinkedIn Newsletters, you can now replicate previous newsletter formats by duplicating past newsletters as a draft. You can also make use of new newsletter analytics including additional performance notes and audience demographics. LinkedIn has additionally updated its article preview display giving you a better idea of what your content will look like once published, while its author-switching functionality has been improved to make it easier to change whether you’re posting as an individual or a company.


TikTok tests new desktop tools

Live soon

TikTok’s new Creator Center is testing a new UI which provides a new format for the analytics and better presents the data points in full screen. Additionally, a new conversational chatbot AI guide has been added to help the Creative Center in aiding users to find what they need.

TikTok launches improved experience on non-mobile devices

Live now

TikTok is rolling out a new update that will allow the app to be reformatted when viewed on larger screens, such as tablets or foldable devices, to create a better user experience on non-mobile devices.

New report shows in-app spending is on the rise

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Data from reveals that TikTok users spent $3.8 billion in the app throughout 2023, which is up 15% year-over-year. While in-stream shopping is the main source of revenue for the Chinese version of the app, TikTok Coins are the biggest source for spending in Western regions.


Pinterest shares its 2024 trend predictions

Live now

Pinterest has once again released its annual report predicting the key trends and opportunities for users for 2024 based on search activity in the app and Pinterest’s own conclusions. Pinterest claims that their predictions are usually very accurate, so if you do use Pinterest for business then the report is worth a look.

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