The biggest updates in social media | October 2023



Struggling to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape? You’re not the only one. Join us as we run through the key headlines and updates from the month of October so you can get in the know.

Social media news


Meta experiments with custom AI chatbot creation

Live soon

Last month, Meta announced its celebrity-influenced AI chatbots that you can converse with through Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct Messages. Now, Meta is experimenting with the ability to let users create their own custom AI chatbot characters.

Paid Verification for Business expands

Live now

It’s now been made possible for brands in Canada and New Zealand to purchase a blue checkmark to be used across Instagram and Facebook as a part of Meta’s slowly expanding Verification for Business Program.

Meta continues roll out of generative AI features for ad creation

Live now

Meta has announced an expanded launch of its new generative AI features to ad creation including text variations, background generation, and image expansion tools.

Meta experiments with comment filter

Live soon

Meta is testing the ability to filter comments on posts to prioritize comments from Meta Verified users.


Removal of Rooms in Facebook Groups

Live soon

As of November 16, access to existing Group Rooms will be removed. Originally created during the pandemic to help people connect amidst various lockdowns, Group Rooms are no longer needed and have been removed.

New ad options for Facebook Reels

Live soon

Ahead of the holidays, Meta is testing Collection Ad Reels for Facebook, Multi-Destination Reel Carousel Ads (which will drive viewers to multiple product pages), a “swipe left” functionality for Reel ads across Facebook and Instagram allowing users to swipe left for more information, auto-generated templates for Reels promotions, and a music selection tool for advertisers on iOS.

Watching video A person lounges on a sofa with a phone in hand. They are watching a video of a woman.

Broadcast Channels coming to Facebook and Messenger

Live soon

After initial success on Instagram, especially amongst younger users, Meta plans to roll out Broadcast Channels across Facebook and Messenger.

Facebook experiments with generative AI profile pictures and in-stream post assistance

Live soon

Facebook is working on a new option to allow users to generate profile pictures using AI, much like the generative avatar features you see on TikTok and Snapchat. They’re also experimenting with the option to generate Facebook posts with AI using initial prompts to create your content.


Instagram tests collaborative carousel posts

Live soon

This new feature from Instagram will give users the opportunity to allow others to contribute images or videos to their carousel posts in order to, for example, collate all media from a party or a day out with friends.

Reminder Ads now available for Stories placement

Live now

Originally launched in March, Reminder Ads have previously only been available for in-feed placement. With this new update, you can now make use of Reminder Ads within Stories. Additionally, you’ll now be able to create Reminder Ads in Ads Manager instead of needing to post organically and then boost that post.

Looping video clips come to Notes

Live soon

Instagram is currently testing a new selfie video feature for Notes, allowing users to add a looping video alongside a status update to their Notes area.

Instagram tests “Nearby” feed for Stories

Live soon

In a move similar to Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), Instagram is experimenting with a “Nearby” Story that could soon appear on users feed to show Story content from those in your area.

Instagram tests dedicated feed from Meta Verified accounts

Live soon

In a move to further highlight the new Meta Verified subscription option, Instagram is experimenting with adding a new option for users to filter their main feed to show posts from only Meta Verified accounts.

Create Stickers from your photos

Live soon

A new sticker option from Instagram will allow you to cut out entities from your photos to transform them into stickers that you can use across Stories and Reels.

Instagram adds polls in comments

Live soon

Currently being tested with selected users, you may soon be able to add a poll to the comment section of a feed post or a Reel.

Mobile phone A finger is selecting something unseen on a mobile phone screen

Threads adds Instagram profile tags

Live now

In an effort to get more users on Threads, you can now tag Instagram profiles in the comments of Threads, regardless of whether they’re on Threads or not. You can also opt in to automatically become a follower of those that you tag, when they do join Threads.

Direct Messages could be coming to Threads

Live soon

Rumor has it that Threads could be introducing its own direct messaging option — with the likelihood of adding ephemeral messaging too.

Instagram rolls out option to share Stories with multiple group lists

Live soon

When creating and sharing Stories, users will soon be able to send their Stories to other group lists in addition to their close friends list.

X (Twitter)

X adds new source reference requirement for Community Notes

Live now

As Community Notes strives to correct misinformation on the platform, note contributors will now be required to add a reference source to support their misinformation claim.

Experiment may charge new users $1 to engage in app

Live soon

Currently being tested in New Zealand and the Philippines, new unverified accounts are required to sign up for a $1 annual subscription to be able to post and interact with other posts. Existing users are not affected.

X rolls out entry questions to quality for Community membership

Live now

Community admins can now add entry questions to filter out those requesting membership.

X launches expanded profile bios

Live now

X has now launched its expanded profile bio display to X Premium users on the web.

New option restricts post replies to verified users

Live now

Now live, this option will allow users to limit replies on their content to those from verified accounts.

X considers removing engagement counts and buttons on posts

Live soon

According to reports, X is considering removing engagement counts and buttons, aside from a view counter, from all posts in the main feed. To see engagement counts and buttons you’ll need to expand a post.

New link preview format is live

Live now

X’s new link preview format removes the headline and preview text previously shown on link previews. Now all that remains is the header image.

In-stream shopping could be coming to X

Live soon

According to reports, X is taking steps towards introducing in-stream shopping to X, allowing users to make purchases without leaving the app.

X experiments with game streaming

Live soon

In seeking out potential growth opportunities, X is looking to introduce video game streaming into the app.

Person gaming A person, potentially a child, sits at a desk with a desktop screen in front of them. They are wearing headphones and a plaid shirt.

X adds subscriber-only DMs setting

Live now

Creators can now activate a toggle within their message settings to ensure that subscribers are able to send them direct messages, regardless of their other DM settings.

X launches new ad-free Premium+

Live now

Alongside the launch of new pricing tiers for X Premium, X has also introduced a new ad-free option known as Premium+.

Audio calling options live for some users

Live now

X’s new audio calling feature is said to be live in the latest iOS version of the app. This will allow users to make audio calls from their X DMs, with video calls on the horizon.


LinkedIn’s “Top Job” feature helps candidates stand out

Live soon

LinkedIn is rolling out its new “Top choice job” option to LinkedIn Premium Subscribers. The new feature allows users to tick a “Top job” option when applying to jobs on the platform, notifying the recruiter of their extra interest in the role. Users can mark three roles per month as a top job choice.

LinkedIn expands profile verification

Live soon

First launched in April of this year, LinkedIn’s verification process allows users to confirm their identity in exchange for a verification badge confirming that you are the person you claim to be. LinkedIn is now expanding this feature to users in Canada and Mexico, previously only accessible within the US.

LinkedIn updates Collaborative Articles

Live now

Collaborative articles have been live since March 2023, using AI generated prompts as a starting point, and then calling on specific users to share their expertise on the topic at hand. A slew of updates have been made regarding the feature, including a new UI format to increase emphasis on those who contribute, the incorporation of LinkedIn’s reaction set to allow for emoji character responses, and improvements to Collaborative Article notifications to help users find the most relevant posts. The actual AI prompts for the articles have been given improvements as well.

LinkedIn adds generative AI elements to Recruiter and Learning

Live now

The new Recruiter process includes natural language commands, enabling users to pose simple statements on what they’re looking for. Additionally, incorporating AI into LinkedIn Learning with a new AI chatbot allows users to get real-time advice and tailored content recommendations based on their title, career goals, and skills they follow.

Woman and man talk A woman in a white shirt talks to a man in a blue shirt a grey cardigan. They have an open laptop in front of them on a table.

LinkedIn begins testing fully automated Accelerate ad campaigns

Live soon

A new AI element known as “Accelerate” will essentially automate the entire experience of ad creation. All it needs is a URL for the product you want to promote.

LinkedIn expands display of profile CTA buttons

Live soon

LinkedIn’s profile CTA buttons allow users to add one of six CTAs to their profile with a destination URL, available for Premium subscribers. These CTA buttons are soon to appear on in-feed posts, and within LinkedIn search results.


TikTok launches “Out of Phone” ad option

Live now

TikTok’s new “Out of Phone” ads will allow brands to use their TikTok clips on a range of new surfaces such as billboards, cinema screens, or other screens, such as those within public spaces.

Default auto-captions coming to all TikTok videos

Live soon

In a step towards greater accessibility, the default setting for all videos on TikTok will be for automatically generated captions, slated to arrive next month. Currently users need to enable the ability for auto-captions to be generated for their video, but this new update will make caption generation the default, with the option to remove them.

TikTok experiments with ad-free subscription offering

Live soon

Much like Meta, TikTok is considering introducing a paid subscription option that will remove ads from a user's feed.

TikTok announces new integration with Salesforce

Live soon

TikTok has announced a new integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud which would enable TikTok advertisers to transfer leads generated by their marketing campaigns directly to Salesforce. Essentially, this allows TikTok insights to be carried into your CRM, streamlining the process of managing your TikTok ad campaigns.

TikTok experiments with 15-minute uploads

Live soon

Could TikTok videos be getting even longer? Some users have reportedly been given early access to the ability to upload clips to TikTok up to 15 minutes long — expanding on TikTok’s previous 10-minute upload limitation.

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