Social media toolkits help your business grow



So you’re aiming to grow your social media marketing but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have a few social media tactics under your belt, but have stumbled on challenges you didn’t expect.

Enter the social media toolkit. A social media toolkit arms you with the basic knowledge and resources you need to excel on social media and will help you move away from using an Excel sheet for all your social tracking and planning.

We’d recommend making your own social media toolkit so your team knows how to create social posts that get great engagement. This exercise will save you time in the long run.

What is a social media toolkit?

A social media toolkit is the ‘how to’ guide for your company or brand’s social media strategy. It lets you and anyone else on the marketing team know exactly what your social media strategy involves. Starting with a social media marketing calendar such as Adobe Express’s Content Scheduler is key to getting organized and setting out your strategy.

However, a social media toolkit can also be a guide on how and what to post on social media when you're sharing a campaign with other individuals or businesses.

Toolkits are important because they provide a code of best practice for using your social media effectively. However, toolkits can also serve a more specific purpose, such as to build hype around a certain event. Some social media toolkits include the tools you need, such as a content planner, or a social media content calendar, or even templates for posts.

Speaking of can use Adobe Express to create and share social media templates with your team. Here are a few Facebook post templates to include in your social media kit.

Free Facebook post templates for social media kits

Why you need a social media toolkit

Social media can be difficult to manage. With the expectation to post every day, it can be difficult to produce and manage so much content.

A social media toolkit can help you get your social media done more effectively. The tools in your social media toolkit should work together to make you productive. However, you’ll need to refine a toolkit that suits the way you work, so you don't spend time on tools that aren't fit for the job.

At a basic level, your toolkit should include basic guidance and a checklist to help a newcomer to your organization, or the person you report to, understand how you’re using social media most effectively and to make sure you're sticking to your social media plan.

Whether you include a tone of voice guide, or a style guide for creating assets, it’s important that these resources are in a shared location if there are several people working on your social media plan.

However, a social media toolkit goes beyond efficiency alone. The toolkit also helps you keep your social media consistent.

By bringing together all the different parts of what makes a great social post in one place, you’ll ensure your social media reaches a minimum level of quality that will help your organization reach its goals.

A toolkit, and keeping everything in one place, makes everything easier to manage. Things don’t get lost or forgotten, and you and your team can focus on making sure everything gets done in a consistent way.


A social media toolkit is really useful if you’re new to social media, or you’re new to a company that doesn’t already have a social media toolkit in place. Researching the right social media marketing tools is key when it comes to being a social media marketing manager.

Content Scheduler is an essential tool for any social media marketer looking to plan and create content in advance as well as save time with the ability to schedule your content to automatically publish at your chosen time and date.

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