7 Tips to Supercharge your Spark Productivity—Anywhere and Everywhere

Expectations of where and when work gets done are shifting. Instead of being tethered to one device and one desk, you are accustomed to creating content wherever and whenever inspiration hits. Creating social media posts on the beach? Polishing up a client presentation on your train ride? You expect your work tools to support this flexible, on-the-go lifestyle. If this sounds familiar, then you are a cloud worker and are not alone: 94% of employees now get work done outside the office and one in four employees embrace the browser as their primary tool to get work done.

That’s why we’ve built Spark as a cloud-native platform, allowing you to access the tool from anywhere and easily switch between laptop and mobile devices. On top of adding more visual expression and devices, we’re always working on improving Spark workflows. Here are little-known tips, new features you may have missed, and a couple hacks to make the most of Spark’s cloud-first platform. We’ll update this post as we continue to build the most efficient product possible.

  1. Pick Chrome Browser for optimal performance.
    Here’s a little insider tech tip: While we seek performance parity across browsers and devices, Spark’s lean development team builds and tests in the Chrome Browser first, which means the tool tends to be the most stable in the Chrome Browser, especially for new features. Whether, you’re using a laptop, desktops, or Chromebook, opt for the Chrome browser to ensure the speediest performance.
  2. Take advantage of Spark’s built-in asset integrations.
    Another reason we love Sparking on Chromebooks is because it comes pre-loaded with our other favorite productivity platform: Google Drive and Google Photos. Use these tools to organize your assets and easily pull them into your Spark projects. Of course, that’s not the only integration we’ve hooked you up with. You can also easily import assets from Dropbox, Adobe Stock, Adobe Lightroom–or search for free assets in our robust content library. The days of losing track of locally stored assets are over.
  3. Download the mobile apps to work from anywhere.

    Download the Adobe Spark iOS and Spark Post Android apps to work out-of-pocket. Your Spark projects will automatically sync across devices, so you can start a project on your laptop at home and then finish it on your phone or tablet while in transit.
  4. Filter and sort to find projects quickly.

    Did you start a Spark Page on mobile and then go to update it on your laptop? You can now filter your projects by Post, Page & Video in the browser (upper right from the “my projects” view so you only see the type of project you are looking for. You can also sort your projects by date modified or name to find the exact project you are looking for. Pro Tip: Be sure to name your projects to take advantage of alphabetical sorting!
  5. Share Spark Post templates with friends and colleagues.
    In the Spark Post share flow on iOS, you may have noticed a new option: “Create remixable copy.” Tapping that option will generate a copy of your Post project that you can share with colleagues, clients, or friends for them to edit or build off of in their own Spark account. They’ll be able to remix your content and pass it along, without altering your project or needing to share credentials. So say you’re working on a flyer for a client, but the details are in flux or the client wants to make little tweaks after the project has wrapped. Simply send them the remix link–they’ll be able to make slight modifications with ease on their own.
  6. Use the duplicate feature to supercharge your output.

    Testing calls-to-action? Want to see how a different color or soundtrack or text effect changes your project? One-tap duplication means you can rev your content with ease and quickly modify your content for every channel. You can duplicate the whole Spark project, or just one element in Spark Post.
  7. Make brand changes once to auto-apply them to every Spark project.

    Every brand is a work-in-progress, and while remaining consistent is paramount to developing reputation and recognition, we know sometimes you need to update your logo or tweak your brand colors or fonts. With Spark’s premium features, you can automatically apply these brand changes to every piece of content you’ve made with Spark! Simply update your brand ingredients in your brand manager. Every branded project will automatically reflect the change like magic.

Have any other Spark productivity tips? We also love hearing from you, so send us a message on social — @adobespark.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash