On Trend: The March Edition



How long should your next video be? What kind of content should you be creating? How can you tap into the power of TikTok Shopping? Our latest guide to all things trending in the world of content has the answers.

Trend #1: Return of the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Look out for more glitch art and fractal backgrounds in your social feeds as cyberpunk aesthetics make a comeback — a reflection perhaps of our increasingly digital world and a rise in conversations about the social and cultural impact of the metaverse and virtual reality.

What this means for you: Have fun adding hints of cyberpunk throughout your projects. We’re talking neon colors, cityscapes at night, and futuristic technology. Want to get started quickly? Choose from thousands of beautiful templates with Adobe Express — just search “neon,” “punk,” or any other search you can think of. We’ve included a couple of choice cyberpunk templates below. Just tap to customize.

Trend #2: Reels is where it’s at.

Instagram continues to elevate video content as the best way for creators to inspire trends, express themselves, and connect with their followers. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, Instagram recommends the following best practice tips:

What this means for you: If you’ve been promoting your products and/or services through static content alone, now’s your chance to diversify with video. (And getting started in video isn’t as hard as you think). You can quickly and easily trim, resize, and combine your video clips with Adobe Express’ quick actions.

Trend #3: Community commerce.

2022 will be the first full year for TikTok Shopping, a suite of e-commerce tools that turn videos and LIVE into shoppable entertainment. In fact, TikTok’s What’s Next report predicts a banner year for e-commerce powered by social. These solutions will make it easier than ever for businesses, brands, and creators like you to harness the power of community commerce, with tools helping you build native shopping experience, market their products, and run your e-commerce business’ directly on TikTok.

What this means for you: Social shopping is here to stay, especially as viewers are more open to learning about and purchasing products through platforms like TikTok and Instagram. You can take advantage of Live formats to further dive into your products — whether through demos, reactions, or more.

Trend #4: The search for THE photo is on.

In a fun twist on personal branding, TikTok users have been showcasing a photo that best represents who they are and what they stand for.

What this means for you: Whether it’s a professional headshot or a perfectly captured candid, “the” photo can tell viewers a lot about you and your brand or business. This could be a chance to join in with a global trend while finding a new way to let the world know what you’re all about. Tip: It’s easier than ever to remove the background on your headshot, and even add fun, unexpected backgrounds to really make your photo stand out.

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