On Trend: The April Edition

Should you increase your digital footprint? Market your products and services more directly? Bring more of your whole self into your brand and business? Our latest guide to all things trending in the world of content has the answers.

Trend #1: Social shopping is on the rise

With Pinterest unveiling new features that allow users to shop and check-out directly within their app, the rise of social shopping continues. More and more, consumers are not only turning to social media for shopping inspiration, but also product recommendations and information, and decision-making when it comes to products.

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What this means for you: Building an e-commerce element into your social media strategy will open new ways to reach more customers and convert followers into buyers. Consider including product tips and tricks and customer testimonials in your social content plan. And don’t forget to tag your products (where it makes sense) so that it’s quick and easy for your followers to buy what they see on your feed. Get started on Pinterest quickly with this collection of Adobe Express Pinterest templates.

Trend #2: A strong online presence is crucial

Businesses and service providers are increasing their online presence across multiple platforms. A few years ago, it may have been enough to have a website, an Instagram profile, and a Facebook page, but these days businesses are proactively expanding their digital footprint to include podcasts, playlists, forums, blogs, and video (YouTube, TikTok). Most importantly, brands aren't just using these channels to put out content. They want to interact with their followers and build relationships with them.

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What this means for you: Where does your target audience go for inspiration, information, or to make purchases? If you’re not already, it might be time to start building a meaningful presence on new channels to help grow your following, connect with your audience, and ultimately be top of mind when they’re making purchasing decisions. And don’t forget to crosslink between your different platforms.

Trend #3: Travel is making a comeback, vintage style

As people begin to consider global travel and exotic vacations again, we’re seeing more and more designs inspired by travel with a vintage twist. Retro ‘Pan Am’ vibes are finding their way into color palettes, graphics and photography, giving emails, social posts and more a warm, nostalgic feel.

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What this means for you: Keep your content on trend this summer with vintage washes, retro fonts, and mid-century lines. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you can get started quickly with our curated set of vintage travel themed templates below. Tap a template to customize in Adobe Express.

Trend #4: Authenticity is king

People are increasingly looking for transparency and authenticity in the brands they follow. How and where people shop is seen as an expression of their individual identity and a way for them to exercise their consumer power in a way that aligns with their values.

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What this means for you: As a small business owner or solopreneur your brand is inextricably linked with your own personal values and sense of identity. Lean into them and don’t be afraid to put them front and center of your brand and business. Your followers will love you for it and more readily connect to your content. Bonus: Staying true to what matters most to you will help bring joy to your work.

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