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Create custom and animated pins for your Pinterest boards with Adobe Express. Customize your pins with free filters, fonts, and more.

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Make a customized Pinterest pin graphic with Adobe Express.

Pinterest is an incredibly powerful digital tool. It can serve as social media by connecting Pinners with pins and users who have similar interests. It can be a mood board, a reading list, and a database all in one. You can also use Pinterest as a marketing tool to promote your own content. Take your original content, such as written blogs or travel photography, and turn it into an eye-catching pin to create brand awareness and invite new audiences to your site. Let your personality shine through creatively designed pins with Adobe Express.

Create a Pinterest pin now

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How to create custom Pinterest pins.

Create a Pinterest pin now

Choosing a Pinterest pin size.

The feed on Pinterest is displayed as a sort of collage, arranging pins of all different sizes next to each other like a lattice. However, the feed columns are fixed while the rows are not, which gives vertically formatted images the upper hand. The ideal image size for a pin is 735 x 1102 pixels or a 2:3 aspect ratio of a different size. If your content is square or horizontal, try cropping it to fit in this vertical 2:3 format. If that’s not an option, a horizontal or square graphic will work but may appear smaller in the feed. Pinterest is a place for sharing ideas, so don’t be afraid to make something creative.

Create a Pinterest pin now

Let your creativity shine by using the Adobe Express Pinterest pin maker.

Pinterest is a social network that connects people worldwide and inspires them daily with new, beautiful, and original content. Let your content be something that inspires and motivates your audience. Post the content you have to share to your boards, connect with like-minded users, and increase your exposure with custom-made pins. Adobe Express makes it simple for you to design something original.

Create a Pinterest pin now

Frequently asked questions.

What kind of pins can I make with Adobe Express?
Create any kind of pin you’d like with a template or starting from a blank canvas. Make pins for recipes, outfits, DIY tips, infographics, or travel. For image-only pins, use our Photoshop-worthy effects to make your photo standout in the feed. Use multiple images for idea pins or carousels, and export animated graphics for video pins.
Should I include my logo on my pins?
Adding a logo to your pins can serve the same function as a watermark. As your pin gets shared across the site, users will know who to credit the image to. Make your logo noticeable but not distracting, and feel free to add your social handles as well so your audience can connect with you even more.
What is the ideal size for a Pinterest pin?
Pinterest pins can be just about any size, but vertically formatted pins tend to stand out best in the feed. Use our Pinterest post templates with the vertical dimensions of 1000px by 1500px to get started.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, our free plan offers many core features including thousands of templates, photo editing and effects, animation, and 2GB of storage. See our pricing page for details and to compare plans.
Can I create my own Pinterest pin template?
Any new or existing project can be turned into a shareable template. Open your project, choose the Share option in the top right, and follow the prompts to make your own template. Access your templates from your library and share with collaborators.