Guide to types of Pinterest aesthetics

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Choosing a Pinterest aesthetic is like choosing your branding and a fun niche in one. As Pinterest is an inherently visual social media platform, your established aesthetic will be one of the primary reasons why people choose to follow your page and engage with your content. While you can consciously choose to adopt a particular aesthetic on your Pinterest account, oftentimes the development of a particular aesthetic will form naturally as a result of personal taste and natural gravitation towards specific styles of imagery.

Not sure which aesthetic speaks to you? We’ve outlined 10 of the most popular Pinterest aesthetics right now along with some aesthetically pleasing templates for you to try out.

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  1. Minimalist Pinterest aesthetic

The minimalist aesthetic is clean, simple, and sophisticated. Minimalism tends to be monochromatic and is all about saying more by doing less.

Give minimalism a try now:

  1. Abstract Pinterest aesthetic

Abstract art is all about using color and shapes to represent concepts and figures. Often bright and open to interpretation, abstract art can frequently be intriguing enough to halt your feed-scrolling.

Try your hand at the abstract trend now with our range of templates:

  1. Pastelcore Pinterest aesthetic

As evident in the name, Pastelcore is all about using soft and delicate shades — including baby blues, soft rose pinks, lilacs, and creams — to create a calming and delicate space.

Pastel your Pinterest now:

  1. Fairy Pinterest aesthetic

The Pinterest fairy aesthetic is all about wonder, magic, and curiosity. Commonly featuring woodlands imagery, gentle lighting, and a focus on particular details.

Sprinkle a little fairy dust over your Pinterest with our templates:

  1. Dark academia Pinterest aesthetic

Think haunted library meets boarding school for witches. The dark academia aesthetic is mysterious and sensual, but also can be somewhat understated.

Add a dark twist to your Pinterest with our templates:

  1. Chaos-core Pinterest aesthetic

Chaos-core uses a mixture of color, shapes, and overlaid images. With different styles morphing together and clashing patterns and prints, the chaos-core aesthetic is art in its messiest form.

Add some chaotic energy to your Pinterest with these templates:

  1. Forest punk Pinterest aesthetic

Forest punk is similar to the fairy Pinterest aesthetic in its inclusion of nature, but the similarities end there. While the fairy aesthetic is whimsical and magic-inspired, the forest punk aesthetic evokes refreshing, awe-inspiring, humbling, as well as comforting feelings.

Give your Pinterest a breath of fresh air:

  1. Retro Pinterest aesthetic

The retro aesthetic is inspired by past eras, especially the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘90s. This content style often features decade-specific colors, as well as fonts and prints that are indicative of trends from the past.

Give your Pinterest a blast from the past:

  1. Flashwave Pinterest aesthetic

The flashwave aesthetic mixes photography with graphic design and leans heavily on dark filters, purple shades, and neon lights.

Give your Pinterest the flashwave treatment with our templates:

  1. The collage Pinterest aesthetic

The collage aesthetic is a wholesome throwback to the days of real-life scrapbooking with a mix of photographs, patterns, prints, symbols, and colors to create something that feels authentically messy yet pleasing to the eye.

Add some scrapbook vibes to your Pinterest:

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