Pinterest trends and customizable templates for 2023

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People use Pinterest to plan ahead. As a result, the very best Pinterest accounts will be the ones who are creating content for the trends that haven’t even happened yet — ready with their content for whenever users start searching.

Mission impossible? Not at all. Pinterest themselves create a platform-specific annual trend report predicting the Pinterest trends that are about to hit and it’s usually pretty accurate. For the last three years, 80% of their predictions have come true. Join us as we break down the key trends expected to hit Pinterest in 2023 and the templates you can use to get involved.

Before we dive into the content trends, let’s take a look at some Pinterest marketing trends for 2023.

Driving traffic to your website

A well-constructed Pinterest strategy should always tie together your wider business goals. Pinterest is unique from other social channels in the sense that it’s incredibly easy to direct traffic off the platform and elsewhere, such as to your website. Be sure to take advantage of this.

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Creating a loyal community

With time and effort, a very loyal and engaged community will begin to form. The benefits of having this community are plenty; not only will their engagement with your content help to improve your reach, but these community members will be increasingly likely to make purchases from you themselves.

Thoughtful content distribution

With Pinterest, not only do you have a variety of content formats and Pin types at your disposal, but you can also use boards and collections to organize your content to maximize your engagement and bring more focus to your channel. Group boards can also be created to encourage collaboration and involvement from your audience.

Educational content

A big theme across Pinterest that is sure to remain important through 2023 is education. Education can come in the form of how-to guides, tutorials, or infographics, and can be very effective when presented in a visual format. It’s important to focus this education specifically on your target market to ensure that they are getting the information they need to benefit them, whether it’s an explanation of how to get the most from your product, or something more generic relating to your industry.

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If you’re a business looking to grow, then maintaining a consistent stream of fresh content on your channel (this includes re-pinned content) will be essential. It is recommended that you post between 4-10 Pins a day to ensure that every time your followers revisit your page you have something new to offer. Providing a constant stream of new content will significantly help you to grow and attract new followers as well as give you an increased opportunity to send traffic to other locations, like your website.

Influencer relationships

Social media influencers are a huge part of all social media platforms, and the industry in general. To not tap into this resource would be a giant missed opportunity, and Pinterest is no exception. Use Pinterest to discover influencers relevant to your business who possess an audience that is similar to your target market. Follow and engage with their content and then reach out to suggest partnership opportunities.

Community management

It’s important not to get lazy when it comes to managing your channel. Posting new content and simply expecting your channel to grow without making the effort to follow up with comments and messages from your audience will slow your growth significantly. Not only could you be missing out on the opportunity to make a sale, but, more crucially, you could miss out on an opportunity to strengthen your connection with your audience.

Engaging with others

Take the time to check on others — whether it’s members of your audience or other brands in your industry — and leave comments and engage with them on their content. Not only does this show your support but it also contributes to building an approachable and friendly brand identity. Plus, they're likely to return the favor in the future.


Beauty will always be a popular topic on Pinterest, but specifically for 2023 it has been predicted that hair care — no, scalp care — is set to be popular with both Gen Z and Boomers taking a particular interest in scalp treatments and scalp cleanliness. This trend makes total sense; after all, good hair care begins at the root.

As well as scalp care, dual-colored hair is also on the rise for 2023, with increasingly common search terms such as “blue and black braids” and “lavender and blonde hair.” No doubt, many will be flocking to Pinterest when it comes to inspiration for their next salon trip.

And finally, small beauty will be getting big-time attention as shorter nails, shorter hair, and chopped bangs are predicted to be the next big things for hands and heads. Again, opportunities to provide inspirational content on Pinterest will go far for beauty brands.

Get involved with our beauty-related templates:

Event management

For those concerned with events, 2023 will see a rise in utilizing the color red specifically for weddings. This means various shades of red being used in bridesmaids' dresses, wedding guest outfits, centerpieces, and floral arrangements. If you’re in the wedding biz, it’s time to create some rouge-colored inspiration for future wedding attendees and planners to enjoy.

Another trend set for 2023 is an increase in celebrations for larger milestones — think 90th birthday parties or 50th wedding anniversaries with a special emphasis on cakes, cookies, and party decorations.

Get started with our event and party related templates:

Fitness and well-being

2023 is predicted to be big for searches related to posture, stretches, and mobility exercises as Gen Z and Millennials seek out anti-tech workouts. In terms of wellness, alternatives to talk therapy are also on the rise, with expressive art, music therapy, and journaling growing in popularity.

Share your best fitness and well-being tips with our range of templates:

Real estate and home decor

House fronts are about to have their moment in the sun with searches for house-front decor on the rise. This covers decor for front porches, foyers, front doors, and front gardens. In terms of internal decor, showers will be overtaking baths with not only shower/bathroom decor trending, but also searches such as “shower routine aesthetic” and “shower bomb” growing in popularity.

As for the rest of the house, there are two key decor styles that are predicted to make it big in 2023: an antique aesthetic (covering maximalist decor, vintage decor, and eclectic interior decor), and what is being referred to as “mushroom decor" (covering fantasy mushroom art, vintage mushroom decor, “weirdcore” bedrooms, and funky house decor).

Show off some aesthetically pleasing decor with our range of templates:

Food and drink

For those in the food and drink industry, one trend you need to be prepared for is the rise of floral-themed baking. This means the apothecary aesthetic is hitting the kitchen, with people searching for content around daisy cupcakes, wildflower cupcakes, purple floral cake, and sage green cupcakes.

Speaking of green, another food trend we're sure to see a lot of this year is the rise of ocean-based foods and minerals such as green algae, nori, and salmon bowls, as well as chlorophyll water.

Get that mouth watering with our food and drink templates:


Trains are going to be making a big revival in 2023 as Gen Z and Millennials crave transit and travel options with a lesser-carbon footprint. Searches around interrailing, train trip aesthetic, and railway station photography will be trending up.

Create some travel inspiration with our travel-related templates:


Parents in 2023 are looking to break down the binary with searches for pronoun flashcards, gender flags, self-identity art, and unisex names. Alongside a rise in gender-neutral parenting, 2023 is also going to have an increased focus on postpartum parenting needs. Searches around postpartum meals to gifts and essentials will be on the rise.

Share your best parenting and pregnancy advice with our range of templates:


Fashion is always a popular topic on Pinterest, but what specifically will 2023 hold for this industry? Pinterest predicts that 2023 fashion will be filled with lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer with users searching terms such as “Ruffle shirt for men” and “Sheer pants outfit.”

Alongside a rise in dandy-adjacent fashion, futuristic fits are also predicted to be popular. This means dystopian outfits, cyber streetwear, galactic glasses, and gamer-girl styles.

If there’s one thing to look out for in 2023, it’s fringe. Fringe is set to be making a major comeback with Gen X and Millennials searching for free-swinging fringed outfits, dresses, and jackets. Even fringe wedding dresses are going to be trending up.

Show off your OOTD with our range of templates:


When it comes to 2023, paper crafts are in. Boomers and Gen Z will be taking particular interest in hobbies such as quilling, origami, and paper art — especially with papier-mâché furniture, paper animals, and paper rings.

Get involved with our range of crafty templates:

Money management

2023 will be the year that saving gets fun as searches for ways to gamify finances soar. Gen X and Millennials will be searching for savings challenges and budget challenges.

It's time to talk finance with our money management templates:

How to sell crafts or promote your business on Pinterest FAQs

Can I sell my crafts on Pinterest?

Yes — Pinterest can be a great place for selling crafts. Upload all your products to your Pinterest with links to where you can purchase them (or allow your customers to make in-app purchases). Create content showing your crafts in-use to increase sales and entice your audience to buy.

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What is the best site to sell crafts on?

Sites such as Etsy, Handmade Amazon, Zibbet, Folksy, and iCraft are all popular sites for those selling hand-made items and crafts. However, Pinterest is also a great platform to make use of in promoting your products and directing traffic to where your audience can purchase from you.

Does it cost anything to sell on Pinterest?

It’s free to use Pinterest as a platform to promote your products and services and it’s also free to have a business Pinterest account. However, if you wish to advertise on Pinterest this will come with some expenses.

What is the best way to sell craft items?

Craft items can be sold on a number of websites, most commonly Etsy. However, social media will play a crucial part in building your audience and promoting your products to your target market. Pinterest is a great platform for small craft businesses looking to grow.

What is the hottest-selling craft item?

Craft items that tend to be profitable when sold online are jewelry, paper flowers, candles, soap, art, ceramic or clay plant pots, vintage upcycling, woven and knotted home decor, handmade beauty products, and face masks.

Which handmade item sells the most?

According to Etsy’s round-up of their best-selling handmade items, the most popular items are jewelry or planners.

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