What is X Premium and is it worth the price?



Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of X in 2022, it’s safe to say some changes have been made to the platform we once knew as Twitter.

Perhaps one of the most notable developments is X’s reintroduction of a subscription model (once known as Twitter Blue) where users can pay for additional benefits and features in packages known as X Premium plans. In a move that has since expanded into three types of paid plans, these memberships allow users to purchase once-coveted verification badges and get prioritized over others in the feed. And yet, what’s really interesting is how the introduction of X Premium has affected the landscape overall — with competing social media platforms since introducing or promoting their own subscription plans.

Join us as we reflect on what X is offering in its Premium packages, who they’re best for, and — most importantly — whether they’re worth the price.

The rise of subscription-based social media

Traditionally, social media platforms would make their money through advertising revenue, but as the landscape has progressed, so too have the monetization methods. X was one of the first mainstream social media platforms to introduce the option for paid verification as a part of their subscription benefits, but they were closely followed by Facebook and Instagram in 2023. While many of these subscription packages were intended for businesses or influencers who want to receive benefits that will help their content perform better, X has also been more recently exploring the use of monetization for combating bots and spammers with an experimental $1 annual charge to access the platform in New Zealand and the Philippines.

Could this be a sign of increased monetization yet to come across X? And will platform access charges spread across other social media networks? Only time will tell.

X Premium: The plans and their benefits

X offers three tiers of subscription packages, which are as follows:

Check out the complete feature list here.

Phone with X A mobile phone with the X logo on screen.

X Premium — is it worth it?

As you can see, the features available in X’s premium packages are best for those looking to take X more seriously, such as brands and influencers. While an X Premium subscription may not have been essential for those looking to grow their X presence and community at its introduction, it’s important to note that the more accounts subscribe to X Premium, the greater the competition against your account increases. All in all, you could be at a disadvantage in the long run by simply not subscribing.

If the lure of a verification badge is part of the appeal, then we recommend taking a moment to reconsider. Since it’s become possible on X, as well as on other platforms, to purchase the once-coveted verification tick, it’s worth noting that the badge itself is now significantly devalued and is not the status symbol it once was. Not only that, but the use of the verification tick to confirm the identity of public figures and celebrities is similarly void meaning that the desirability of the verification tick is no longer rooted in any practicality or prestige.

All things considered, if X is a primary platform for you and a key player in your social media strategy, then purchasing a Premium X subscription could be a wise move. If you want your account to grow, get increased exposure, and be able to compete with the other X Premium members then it’s certainly worth trying out to support your efforts on X and help your content reach further.

It’s quite possible that the Basic or Premium plan might be all you need to continue competing for attention against other X accounts. Many of the features included within higher tier plans (or at least the highest Premium+ plan) feel more geared towards genuine X enthusiasts or those who spend a lot of time on the platform and want to tailor their experience, while the most business-critical features are available within the Basic and Premium tiers.

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Paying for a social media subscription, whether it’s an X Premium membership, or a paid package for another network, can be a great way to give your account a boost and support your social media efforts. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that social media success is contingent on many things — most notably the quality of your content and your ability to connect with your audience. Do not buy a subscription plan in the hopes it will fix all your problems. Instead, review your social media strategy, analytics, and content and address any areas where you may be lacking. If you feel like you’ve got a solid content strategy behind you, only then is the next step to consider a social media membership.

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