All-digital document processes finish faster.

Accelerate contract cycles from start to signature with Adobe Acrobat Sign and Conga.

Speed business with Acrobat Sign, Conga and Salesforce.

Reach revenue in record time and reduce your legal risk when you add e-signatures to your Conga contract management solutions, including Conga and Salesforce integrations.

Get contracts signed in minutes. Because Acrobat Sign integrates seamlessly into Conga Contracts, Conga Composer and Conga Novatus workflows, you can cut signature cycle times by 90% or more, without switching between apps.

Stay informed. At any time, you can see who’s opened a contract, who’s signed, where it’s going and if it’s stalled out. You can also view a complete audit trail.

Reduce contract errors. Cut business and legal risk with automated signature processes and authentication.

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Generate and get agreements signed more efficiently with Acrobat Sign, Conga and Salesforce.

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“The integration with Acrobat Sign, Salesforce and Conga Composer makes the contract process seamless for our business consultants and merchants. The process is so fast that business consultants can even send a contract and receive the signature while on the phone with a merchant.”

- Erica Geil, Vice President of Global Engineering Operations, Groupon

Success comes faster with Acrobat Sign and Conga. | AB

AmerisourceBergen reduced signature cycle times from months to days.

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Groupon made the contract process seamless for internal teams and merchants.

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Northstar Travel Group improved customer service and contract completion rates.

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