Adobe Sign

Maximize efficiency across teams and departments with digital workflows.

No matter your industry or where you do business, Adobe Sign lets you deliver secure and compliant digital workflows that help every department get more done more quickly.

IT Tools

Business moves with Adobe Sign — the e-signature solution trusted by top Fortune 500 companies.

Drive efficiency across teams and departments.

Build seamless workflows in any department and add e-signatures for quick, hassle-free approvals. It’s easy for anyone in your organization to send documents for e-signature to one or more people.

Connect Adobe solutions for a fully digital experience.

Adobe Sign integrates with other Adobe solutions, such as Acrobat and Creative Cloud, to create seamless experiences that are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Works with Microsoft and apps you use daily.

Adobe Sign is Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution, which means you get the most comprehensive integrations with Microsoft’s suite of applications for even more seamless workflows with the applications you already work with.

E-sign globally with confidence.

Adobe is the trusted leader in global, secure e-signing experiences. Ensure that you meet compliance requirements while reducing risk for your organization with Adobe Sign. Our e-signatures are legally binding and hosted in highly resilient data centers around the world.

See how IT departments are achieving big-time efficiency with Adobe Sign.


Cut new hire onboarding time by 66%.

San Diego State University’s HR department uses Adobe Sign to save significant time on 12,000+ onboarding transactions every year.


Roll out 10,000 user accounts with single sign-on.

Varian moved to Adobe Sign from DocuSign to more efficiently handle over 300,000 e-signature transactions per year.


Save nearly 7 minutes for every contract created and sent.

Persol uses Adobe Sign to speed up processes, cutting the time needed to create and send a contract from seven minutes to just 10 seconds.

Going digital is good for the whole organization.

Implement Adobe Sign across your business to make daily tasks faster, less prone to error, and more cost effective. Here are a few tasks made simple with digital processes and e-signatures:


Change requests


Asset management





Order fulfillment


Budget approvals


Maintenance authorization

Do more with the systems you already use.

The preferred e-signature solution of Microsoft, Adobe Sign gives you deep integrations with Microsoft’s suite of applications including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 — simplifying workflows across your entire organization. You can build a variety of integrations with Adobe Sign using just the APIs, at no additional cost.


Want to know more?

Whether you need some basic information about our solutions or you’d like a customized quote for your unique business needs, we’re here to help.

Whether you need some basic

information about our solutions or you’d

like a customized quote for your unique

business needs, we’re here to help.