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What can you do with {{after-effects}}?

Create animated text

Create animated text.

Unlock how to create a typewriter effect in Adobe {{after-effects}}.

Create impressive animations

Create impressive animations.

Add hand-drawn looks, movement and shade in fun icons and drawings using Textured Motion.

Animate Illustrator artwork

Animate {{illustrator}} artwork.

Use shape tools to draw objects in {{illustrator}} and import your final file into {{after-effects}} to set art in motion.

Make luminous outlines

Make luminous outlines.

Add glowing echoes to any video in Adobe {{after-effects}}.

Animate your logo

Bring your logo to life. Make your brand’s web store come alive with interactive design elements.

Mask objects in keylight

Mask objects in Keylight.

Utilise built-in color keying effects like that produce professional-quality modern effects.

#5C5CD1 | Adobe Express

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