Explore noise reduction with Adobe Audition.

Learn how to eliminate background noise and improve sound quality with these intuitive audio editing tools.

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An audio file open in Adobe Audition

Reduce noise on any project.

Whether you’re recording on an iPhone or a high-quality video camera, picking up some white noise or background sounds is practically inevitable. But with editing tools in Audition, like DeNoise and Noise Reduction, you can rework audio and remove interruptions to get the best sound.
The Noise Reduction effect menu in Adobe Audition

Edit noise levels with ease.

Make adjustments in the Effects menu to reduce unwanted noise. Select Noise Reduction to reduce background and broadband noise.

Combine effects to reduce noise.

Fine-tune your noise reduction techniques by using or combining effects like the DeNoise effect, Adaptive Noise Reduction effect or Manual Noise Reduction effect to cut ambient noise, tape hiss and background distractions.

Combined audio effects in Adobe Audition
The Spectral Frequency Display menu in Adobe Audition

Edit low and high frequencies.

Use the Spectral Frequency Display to visualise your audio noise and then edit specific frequency ranges precisely using the Brush or Lasso tool.

Listen and edit as you work.

Get the best audio quality by making real-time adjustments to your clips using effect sliders.

The Hiss Reduction interface in Adobe Audition

Do more with your rework audio.

Edit your audio to eliminate different types of noise and then use it across all your projects in different Adobe apps. Whether you’re a professional, a beginner or somewhere in between, do more with the best creative tools available.

Hone your audio editing skills.

Get a closer look at audio editing tools and learn how to remove different types of noise from your tracks. Edit higher frequencies, remove sounds and explore the possibilities with tools in Audition.