Third-party technologies

Third-party technologies

The Adobe ColdFusion community offers technologies that are built on top of or complement Adobe ColdFusion applications and solutions. Following is a list of third-party technologies ranging from content management systems to add-ons for ColdFusion applications.

Web Power Box

The Web Power Box is an all-in-one inbound digital marketing and sales platform from ForInsite that has been completely engineered to execute effective online strategies. 

It contains powerful website management and publishing tools, email marketing systems, e-commerce applications, social media integration, search engine optimisation tools, powerful analytics, enhanced security and much more. Visit the website for more information.


FusionReactor is a professional server monitor for ColdFusion. It continuously monitors your production servers and will diagnose and analyse server and application issues. 

In addition, FusionReactor provides unattended monitoring to maintain server availability and safeguard against server crashes. Visit the website or call 978-496-9990 for more information.


FuseGuard is a web application firewall that runs 100% on ColdFusion. After just a few minutes of installation, FuseGuard will log and optionally block malicious requests made against your ColdFusion web applications. 

It includes over a dozen filters to help prevent common web application vulnerabilities from executing. FuseGuard can be configured and extended with a powerful CFC API in the language your team already knows and loves — ColdFusion. Using the API, you can write your own loggers and filters to implement a customised security solution for your organisation. Visit the website to learn more and download an evaluation copy.


Vertabase is a robust ColdFusion based project management suite that is easy to use and scalable. Vertabase software includes online timesheets, schedule management, task management, document management,

issue tracking, resource allocation and customisable reports. Used by education, government, creative services, IT and nonprofit organisations around the world, Vertabase can be deployed either internally or on a SaaS basis. For more information, visit the website or call 888-505-0566.


Prosis helps you to manage all your information, build business processes and automate your operations across budget, programme and project planning, human resources, supply chain, sales, work-order services and more. 

No matter your industry, Prosis will take your organisation to the next level at an affordable price.

CONTENS Social Workplace

The CONTENS ( Social Workplace is the modern intranet for a fast and up to date exchange of information in the company. It consists of configurable elements and can be set up quickly. 

Applications for individual requirements can be developed and integrated at any time. Thanks to newsfeed, forums, groups, chat and individual employee profiles, the Social Workplace accelerates and improves internal communication via stationary and mobile devices. It combines well-known functions of popular online social networks and can be easily adapted to the individual needs of companies. For more information visit


FarCry Core is a web application framework based on the ColdFusion language. FarCry CMS is a popular content management solution built with FarCry Core. As a community, FarCry Core provides support for the framework, CMS

and a host of community plug-ins including libraries for Google Maps, image manipulation, free text searching and more. Visit the website for more information.


ShadoCMS is an easy-to-use content management system that provides a cohesive web marketing platform. With ShadoCMS, marketers can easily target specific global audiences and personalise conversations

with them. A sophisticated multilanguage content module enables dynamic multilanguage content creation and management. ShadoCMS also includes ZoomFlex, which makes it easy and cost-effective to bring a website to life with engaging rich Internet application functionality.

Web Power Box

Savvy Content Manager is a powerful ColdFusion based web content management system that is highly regarded for its easy-to-use interface and flexible environment for extending with a company’s own code.

 Many ColdFusion community–based websites are powered by Savvy CM, as well as websites from every vertical market across the globe. Visit the website or call 866-870-6358 for more information.


Creating an e-commerce solution that can fit thousands of different business requirements is not easy, especially if you add multiple platforms and databases to the mix.

Slatwall solves these challenges. Slatwall is a robust, highly scalable open source application that gives your organisation a complete e-commerce solution, providing enterprise-level functionality and ultimate flexibility. Visit the website for more information.

Site executive

SiteExecutive web content management software reduces the complexity and cost of building highly effective, engaging web properties. 

Selected by organisations of all sizes, it lets nontechnical users create and publish web content in real time, while maintaining compliance with organisational processes, branding guidelines and industry best practices. Visit the website for more information.


CONTENS ( is a powerful  and flexible web content management system (CMS) to successfully run international

websites, intranets, extranets, landingpages and newsletters built with ColdFusion. A particular strength is the easy management of different country- and language-versions of one or multiple sites. The intuitive multilingual interface makes it easy for editors to create and publish engaging web content. CONTENS allows developers to tailor websites and applications based on customer's specific individual requirements. For more information visit

ColdFusion Standard

Perfect for developing rich, interactive applications.


ColdFusion Enterprise

Suited to create scalable, 
high-performing web applications.


ColdFusion Builder

A robust IDE for web and mobile application development.