Combine photos to create an amazing
new image.

Merging two or more images in Photoshop is simpler than you think. A composite image uses bits and pieces of multiple photos to create one new image. Use the Object Selection tool along with functions like Select Subject, Quick Selection, and Magic Wand to quickly create something original.

How to add layers in Photoshop.

1. Create cutouts

Use tools like Object Selection, Select Subject, Remove background, and Magic Wand to cut out individual images.

2. Combine images

Drag each cutout from its canvas into a single new document.

3. Reposition

Use the Move tool to drag, rotate, and scale objects.

4. Layer

Rearrange the images’ stacking order in the Layers panel to change which ones are in front or behind. Click the eye icon to hide or show a layer.

Editing a cat with a chef hat on using the Photoshop Object Selection tool

Object Selection tool.

When you need to select a single object or part of an object in an image with multiple objects, the Object Selection tool is your best friend. Use it in rectangular or lasso mode to draw a selection around the object and the tool will automatically select it for you. You can then remove the object and add it to another image.

Using the Photoshop Select Subject tool to select cat paws

Select Subject.

Use the Select Subject tool when you want to select the most prominent subject in an image. It will identify the main subject — person, animal, vehicle, or something else — and automatically select it for you.

Editing a piece of sushi in chopsticks with the Photoshop Quick Selection tool

Quick Selection.

Use the Quick Selection tool when you want to select only part of an image. Click and drag over the area you want to select. The tool automatically selects similar tones and stops when it finds the image edges.

Editing a chef hat with the Photoshop Magic Wand tool

Magic Wand.

This is the best way to select images from consistently colored areas. Once you specify a color range, the Magic Wand will help you select and remove those areas.

Everyone can colorize.

Learn how to colorize a photo in a few easy steps.

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