Add animated titles with motion graphics templates.

Easily create customised titles and graphics in {{adobe-premiere-pro}}.

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What are animated titles and graphics?

Animated titles and graphics are moving text or images that show up on top of video footage. They provide the audience with key information about what they’re watching and include elements like title sequences, opening credits, end credits or subtitles. Sometimes they’re essential to the content, like headlines scrolling beneath a news anchor while other times they simply help set the mood.

You can enhance just about any video project with motion graphics templates from the Essential Graphics panel in {{adobe-premiere-pro}}.

What are motion graphics templates?

Motion graphics templates (MOGRTs) are premade animated graphics that include elements like text, shapes, layouts and movement information. They’re usually created in {{adobe-after-effects}} to then be used in {{premiere-pro}}.

Why use motion graphics templates?

Use professionally designed MOGRTs to quickly add animated title sequences, credits and transitions to any video project in {{premiere-pro}}. Get started fast with animated title graphics, lower thirds subtitles and more — and get to amazing in less time.


Search for MOGRTs in Premiere Pro.

Find free motion graphics templates right inside the Essential Graphics panel or download new templates from Stock. Alter them to your heart’s content or create your own MOGRTs from scratch.

Customise your titles.

With media replacement, you can add your own content to motion graphics templates. Create pumped-up intros or animated slideshows. Drag a template to your sequence, preview the results and tweak it to reflect your unique style.


Keep it fresh.

Craft original MOGRTs in {{adobe-after-effects}} or {{premiere-pro}} or look for newly updated templates from {{adobe-stock}} via the Essential Graphics panel.

How to customise a motion graphics template (MOGRT).

Follow these steps in {{premiere-pro}} to make any MOGRT your own.

  • Open a new project in {{premiere-pro}}.
  • Open the Essential Graphics panel and pick a MOGRT template.
  • Drag and drop your selected template onto your video timeline.
  • Click the graphic to open adjustment icons or click the Edit button in the Essential Graphics panel.
  • Replace each placeholder image or graphic in the MOGRT with your own content from Creative Cloud Libraries.

Free templates from inspirational creators.

Level up your content in a fraction of the time with free animated titles, graphics, visual treatments and more. Get started with ready-to-go templates from Jarvis Johnson, Kara and Nate and Demi Bagby.

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