Adobe Document Cloud for human resources

High-powered solutions for your high-powered HR department.

Deliver an all-digital HR experience with Adobe Document Cloud. It combines the power of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Sign to give you paperless workflows, intuitive online forms, and fluid e-signing experiences. It all adds up to a more efficient way to hire, retain, and manage talent — while enabling your staff to stay productive wherever they’re working from.

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Enhance every HR process by making it digital — and personal.

Build awesome experiences.

Do away with manual processes for good. Instead, give your organization the power to create and collaborate on documents from anywhere and collect critical e-signatures with a click.

Be more productive.

Spend less time on repetitive HR tasks and more time recruiting and onboarding top talent thanks to preapproved HR document templates, tagged for use with Acrobat Sign.

Increase collaboration.

Merge documents and organize into one searchable PDF, then send to multiple reviewers. Collaborate and accelerate approval workflows with Adobe e-signatures added to your Teams workspace.

Make it your own.

Acrobat can be fully customized so you can provide a branded, professional digital experience for vendors and job candidates.

Keep business moving — anywhere.

Deliver a modern, connected experience with Adobe Document Cloud mobile apps, and empower your staff to stay productive in the office or on the go.

Protect and secure sensitive information.

Add passwords to protect personal data and to restrict copying, editing, or printing sensitive documents.


Digitize HR documents and boost department agility.

HR departments that use e-signatures onboard new employees 4x faster than their competition. Read the study for more insight and see how e-signatures can support today’s workforce.


Customers are using Adobe Document Cloud to more efficiently manage the entire employee lifecycle — from hiring to onboarding and beyond.


10,000 employees empowered to work remotely.

Varian migrated to Acrobat Sign and rolled out 10,000 user accounts with single sign-on, allowing remote work to be a reality — and then efficiently onboarded 250 more employees in just two months.


6x faster document workflow completion.

With Acrobat Sign, California State University Fullerton’s HR department efficiently processes 370 documents every month.


93% reduced time to contract.

Novozymes speeds business growth and onboards talent faster using Acrobat Sign.


22,000 staff hours saved each week.

With Acrobat Sign, EmployBridge eliminates paper waste and drastically boosts staff efficiency.

Do more with the HR tools you already use.

Get up and running quickly with Adobe Document Cloud solutions. Out-of-the-box integration lets you work more efficiently within the Microsoft applications and HR systems you rely on every day.


Want to know more?

Whether you need some basic information about our solutions or you’d like a customized quote for your unique business needs, we’re here to help.

Whether you need some basic

information about our solutions or you’d

like a customized quote for your unique

business needs, we’re here to help.