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Creative solutions for the modern enterprise

Revolutionise content creation with Creative Cloud, powered by generative AI.

Keep up with the skyrocketing demand for content and campaigns that wow customers and drive business. Adobe’s world-class creative software and Adobe Firefly generative AI enable organisations to unleash creativity, produce more in less time and maintain brand consistency across teams and channels.

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Supercharge creative teams with Adobe Creative Cloud.

With Firefly built into Creative Cloud apps, creative teams can generate more ideas faster and boost speed to market while maintaining creative control. And with new generative AI innovations, they can seamlessly place brand images in consistent scenes and campaign styles using capabilities like Structure Reference, Object Composites and Style Kits.

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A gray handbag composited into a scene with pastel-colored planets. Beside it are the original image of the handbag on a tabletop, a text prompt bar with the words “Fantasy surreal landscape,” and a button with the word “Generate.”
A collage of images showing shopping bags, people in yoga poses, and food items like a gourmet cheeseburger and a stack of pancakes with the brand name HOXTON.

Scale production of asset variations with Firefly Services.

Automate production of high-quality variations for different audiences, channels and markets with Firefly Services — a set of Firefly and Creative Cloud APIs. Further scale brand-specific content with Customised Models trained on your style, images and products. Easily refine these assets in Creative Cloud and Adobe Express.

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Empower marketers to create on-brand content with Adobe Express.

Give marketing teams the tools to make and edit images, videos, animations and more with Adobe Express, the all-in-one content creation app. With features powered by Firefly, they can easily remix, resize and localise existing assets to meet their needs. Templates and guardrails keep everything consistent and Creative Cloud integrations help teams share assets and stay in sync.

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A collage showing a brand graphic in final form, its design components, and Adobe Express user interface elements. The graphic shows a purple bottle with the words “Power your energy, and components include the bottle graphic, a transparent background, and colored swatches. User interface elements include a “Translate” button in front of Korean text plus portrait shots of marketers and their review comments.

See it in action. | Firefly Services | :play:
Firefly Services | Custom Models | :play:
Customised Models | Adobe Express brand templates | :play:
Adobe Express brand templates and Style Kits
The IBM logo, with the letters I, B, and M in white horizontal stripes.

See how IBM is reimagining content creation and digital marketing with Firefly.

In addition to boosting engagement 26x with AI-generated social assets, the company has streamlined workflows to help creatives and marketers spend more time on higher-value work.

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What analysts are saying.

The Futurum Group logo, with the company name in black beside a black-and-white feather graphic.

“Adobe’s integration of Firefly and generative AI tools across all of its products ensures that content creators, designers and managers can each work with assets across the content workflow without being restricted to a single application.”

Firefly Announcement Details Adobe Enterprise Generative AI Approach — Keith Kirkpatrick, Futurum (September 2023)

The Forrester logo, with the name “Forrester” in black letters.

“Adobe is not only all in on genAI but has staked out a lead and is widening it. We see two main reasons why the company is investing so heavily in this direction: to augment and amplify the effectiveness of its core customer base of creators and designers; to reach and empower a broader customer base, equipping them to be less dependant on their design colleagues.”

Adobe’s GenAI Acceleration Bodes Well For Your Company’s Creativity — David Truog, Forrester (October 2023)

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