Get to the top with Adobe audio editing software.

Adobe Audition is the perfect software for mixing and mastering audio content for movies, television, music, and podcasts. With a little editing, you can turn up the volume and master the perfect sound.

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Mix and master audio content with Adobe Audition.

Mix and master every audio project.

Whether it’s a rock music video or an academic documentary, the soundtrack matters. It’s time to polish your projects with mixing software.
Use your favorite audio gear with Adobe Audition.

Use your favorite gear.

With Audition, you can use whatever hardware or plug-ins you like. This audio editor works across them all, so you don’t need to give up your favorite gear to get a great mix.

Streamline your audio editing.

With Adobe Sensei, use the remix function to automatically edit music to the length you need. Or, dynamically adjust the volume on music or dialogue with the autoducking tool.

Use the remix function to automatically adjust your audio.
Find your sound with customizable audio mixing controls.

Control your audio.

Find your sound with customizable controls. Craft layered compositions with the Multitrack editor or adjust the audio amplitude with the Waveform editor.

Eliminate white noise.

Remove beeps, hisses, and background noise from an audio track with the Spectral Frequency Display, and start visually editing sound waves.

Use the Spectral Frequency Display to eliminate white noise.

Hit the perfect note with your audio.

Whatever your audio project, Audition has the tools to help you deliver a refined product, every time.

Master your sound with these tips.

Learn how to mix and polish your audio and craft the perfect soundtrack with these tutorials.