Design a postcard that delivers.

Produce unforgettable postcards with Adobe InDesign. See how the premiere-page layout software gives you the tools to create postcards that send a powerful message.

Produce unforgettable postcards that deliver.

Make a postcard people will love.

Share beautiful photography, art, and design in a compact package with postcards. Discover how to simply craft high-quality postcards with InDesign.

Use InDesign presets to create your postcard faster

Avoid extra work.

Streamline processes to make your postcard faster. InDesign saves your file export preferences, so you can ensure professional print quality with ease.

Adjust your postcard text and graphics for any printer

Adjust work quickly.

Modify text and graphics on your postcards for any printer. With the Adjust Layout feature, you can reconfigure objects automatically to reflect document bleed or margin changes.

Use text and image elements to create inspired postcard designs

Create inspired designs.

Fashion your postcard with text and image elements and use frames to organize them. And add spacing in paragraph styles for even more versatile designs.

Blend colors to set a precise mood and tone with your postcard

Set the tone.

Blend colors to set a precise mood with tools like Color Burn and Luminosity. Plus, use color type in compositions by designing with SVG OpenType.

Unify your work across Creative Cloud.

Take your work further with seamlessly integrated Adobe Creative Cloud products. Easily incorporate projects you started in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator into your postcard. And sync with Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts for access to stylish photos, graphics, and fonts.

How to make a postcard.

Create inventive postcards worth writing home about with these basic steps.


Get started:

Begin by opening a new document in InDesign.


Measure it:

Set the dimensions of your postcard, then start designing.


Organize it:

From single images to collages or short text blurbs, use frames to arrange your art and design elements.


Position it:

Add your desired space between paragraph styles. 


Polish it:

Enhance your images and text with color blending to help all objects and text sync. 


Share it:

Export your postcard in your preferred format and print it up.

Fast lessons in postcard design.

Get help developing the perfect postcard with these InDesign tutorials so you can let loose and start creating.

Design your own postcard tutorial

Design your own postcard.

Put your idea in action with this straightforward guide to postcard design.

Postcard printing tutorial

Achieve print perfection.

Learn the proper settings to ensure your postcard prints beautifully.

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