Substance 3D Designer

Limitless 3D materials creation.

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The features in Substance 3D Designer give you complete authoring control for material creation — and more.

Ever-growing content library

Access hundreds of nodes, filters, patterns, and randomizable noises.

HDR lighting creation

Build parametric lighting stages using procedural lights or 360° images.

Color management

Take advantage of Pantone and OpenColorIO support.

MDL support

Create MDL materials with the dedicated shader graph.

Open ecosystem

Easily send your materials and filters to other Substance 3D apps.

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Model, texture, and render 3D assets and scenes. Learn more

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Explore the Substance 3D family of apps.

Substance 3D Modeler

Intuitively sculpt 3D models on desktop and in VR.

Substance 3D Sampler

Transform photos into 3D models and materials.

Substance 3D Designer

Design parametric 3D assets with full control and infinite possibilities.

Substance 3D Painter

Texture 3D models in real time with this industry-standard app.

Substance 3D Stager

Compose and render state-of-the-art 3D scenes in your own virtual studio.

Substance 3D Assets

Select from a curated, growing high-end 3D asset library.

Frequently asked questions.

Substance 3D Designer is primarily a 3D design software that generates textures from procedural patterns inside node-based graphs. Substance 3D Painter allows users to texture and add materials directly to 3D meshes in real-time.

Yes. Substance 3D Designer allows you to export files for most major 3D file formats. A full list can be found in the documentation.

Yes, Substance 3D Designer can be used to create seamless textures and patterns. All output is fully non-destructive, non-linear, and parametric.

While we encourage anyone who wants to create 3D to learn every Substance 3D app, Designer should be viewed as the most technical and advanced texturing application available. Among the Substance texturing apps, Designer has the highest learning curve.