The search is never over. But it can be automated.

Simulate and quickly act upon the best and most profitable options in your search marketing strategy.

Automate search, shopping and retargeting campaigns.

Adobe Media Optimizer offers the most comprehensive campaign optimisation through industry-leading forecast models, scalable campaign automation and integration with Adobe Analytics.

Features of search management.

Campaign simulations

Use sophisticated models to test and visualise the expected traffic and conversion for keywords, ad placements and product targets.

Spend recommendations

Run models to determine the highest performing mix at varied spend levels across portfolios.

Model accuracy reports

Validate assumptions with reports based on strong models and data from multiple channels.


Magnifying search marketing returns.

UK online retailer doubled its traffic and returns with Adobe Media Optimizer.

Optimise SEM results with integrated analytics.

Learn how to combine real-time analytics and search data to predict SEM results and optimise campaigns.


Accurate campaign predictions.
Predictably better campaign performance.

Learn how Adobe Media Optimizer addresses many of the challenges digital advertisers face.


Choose simplicity over complexity.

Read our guide Solving the Programmatic Puzzle to learn how to automate your campaigns while maximising your ROI.

Learn how to solve business problems.

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