Smart tab assist

Quickly navigate to the next logical tag, function or control statement within your code using keyboard shortcuts.

Advanced find and replace

Easily search your application for specific tags, attributes and text, regardless of the file location. Use regular expressions for more complex text searches.

Intelligent code assist

Accelerate your application development with intelligent, ordered code assist for CFML, CFScript, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Get code assist even for third-party JavaScript libraries included in your web application.

Integrated task management

Set “to do” and “fix me” points within your code to quickly identify sections and resume development where you left off.

Code insight 

Get intelligent coding options for ColdFusion components (CFCs), database tables, user-defined functions, CFML tags, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, thanks to the smart introspection capabilities of ColdFusion Builder 3.1.

Professional coding support

Boost your productivity with a professional IDE that includes editors for CFML, CFScript, HTML, JavaScript, SQL and CSS. Leverage customizable syntax coloring, statement completion, code folding, interactive step-through debugging and snippet support to work more efficiently.

Object-relational mapping support

Manage database logic and connectivity without writing SQL. Take advantage of the ORM Application wizard to generate CFCs for business logic without writing code. 

RDS view

Navigate the file system or view the structure of database tables for any data source registered on your ColdFusion server.

CFML-based mobile app development

Leverage the productivity features of ColdFusion Builder to develop mobile apps. Use built-in integration with Adobe PhoneGap Build* to easily and quickly deliver them as installed apps that run on iOS and Android devices.

On-device debugging

Use the unique on-device debugging capabilities to identify and fix errors in installed apps as well as browser-based mobile applications. Remotely connect a mobile device to ColdFusion Builder and simulate actual usage on the device by stepping through application code.

Multidevice inspection

Inspect the look and feel of mobile and web applications on multiple devices using the built-in Weinre server. Modify the properties of elements using ColdFusion Builder, and see the changes take effect in real time in the mobile app.

Security code analyzer *

Use the security code analyzer to scan existing application code to automatically detect vulnerabilities and potential security breaches. Identify the exact vulnerable code, type of vulnerability and severity level, and mitigate the vulnerability with the suggestion provided.

*- Available only in ColdFusion Enterprise Edition


Speed up your CFML application development thanks to automatic restructuring of code when you rename a CFC, function or variable.

Application start page

Simplify running and debugging of your applications by providing a start page to be executed first.

Integrated debugger

Reduce testing time and hard-to-fix bugs with integrated debugging. Launch and step through applications directly within the IDE.

CFML file preview

Avoid errors and reduce maintenance work by previewing CFML pages before deployment. Quickly view rendered pages using the embedded Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Tag editor

Easily maintain existing code and minimize code errors by identifying required tag attributes and assigning values with the tag editor.

ColdFusion framework support

Kick-start application development using extensions for your preferred ColdFusion frameworks.

Integrated FTP and SFTP support

Deploy applications faster from the IDE by transferring code directly to the production or staging server.

Remote project support

Improve intra-team collaboration by making a shared codebase available to all team members through remote project support.

Integrated server management

Automatically start and stop ColdFusion servers as you open and close ColdFusion Builder, or do so manually within ColdFusion Builder. Launch the ColdFusion Administrator or server monitor in the embedded browser.

TailView log viewer

Easily monitor ColdFusion logs in real time while executing applications.

Service browser

Quickly access web services exposed by the ColdFusion server from the IDE.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Create customized keyboard shortcuts, modify existing shortcuts and import or export keyboard bindings to access frequent actions in the IDE.

Code formatting

Apply code formatting to a project, folder, file or block of code based on personalized, predefined rules.

Extensibility via CFML

Expand functionality by creating extensions written in CFML. Attach menus to Remote Development Services (RDS) and projects. Access the file system and data sources during execution, and augment code assist with customized code hinting.

Support for previous ColdFusion versions

Build and maintain applications for ColdFusion 8, 9, 10 or 11 using the included tag libraries for these versions.


Save custom blocks of frequently used code for reuse in all your applications.

* Generating apps with PhoneGap Build requires purchasing a PhoneGap Build license.